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drop pattern
Minimum delivery cost (doubloons) 10 Decay rate 90 days

The dadao is one of the seventeen sword types available to players in the game. It is produced at iron mongers. It is only usable by subscribers on subscription oceans.

Due to the fused two-color sprinkle drop pattern, the dadao performs dreadfully when sending sprinkles and small strikes. Every small attack feeds the opponent with blocks in 2 colors.

Once a Dadao user falls behind during the game and resorts to making smaller clears its fate is sealed and the game is lost. Albeit its strikes can be overpowering when massive, the Dadaos hits have to be able fall down in their entirety in order to unleash their damage - which practically finds no use in a competitive setting.

It struggles extremely against swords that excell in repeatedly sending small hits such as the non reversed Falchion or Skull dagger. It is strictly worse than a Saber, a similar bichrome sword.

Pattern overview

Note: Previewing the non-reversed version. Reversing the sword mirrors the pattern.

Sprinkle attack
Sprinkle board.png
Middle Strike
Middle strike board.png
Corner Strike
Corner strike board.png
Swordfight Attack smallSprinkle.png
A small sprinkle attack
Swordfight Pattern smallSprinkle Dadao.png
Swordfight Attack smallStrike.png
A small strike (2x4)
Swordfight Pattern smallStrike Dadao.png
Swordfight Attack smallDual.png
A small dual strike (2x4 + 2x4)
Swordfight Pattern smallDual Dadao.png
Swordfight Attack mediumSprinkle.png
A medium sprinkle attack
Swordfight Pattern mediumSprinkle Dadao.png
Swordfight Attack mediumStrike.png
A medium strike (2x6)
Swordfight Pattern mediumStrike Dadao.png
Swordfight Attack mediumDual.png
A medium dual strike (2x6 + 2x6)
Swordfight Pattern mediumDual Dadao.png
Swordfight Attack bigSprinkle.png
A massive sprinkle attack
Swordfight Pattern bigSprinkle Dadao.png
Swordfight Attack bigStrike.png
A massive strike (2x12)
Swordfight Pattern bigStrike Dadao.png
Swordfight Attack bigDual.png
A massive dual strike (2x12 + 2x12)
Swordfight Pattern bigDual Dadao.png
Sword Damage

Note: Greatly varies based on board state

Single sword (small)

Swordfight Damage Small Strike.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage smallStrike Dadao.png

Middle Duals (small)

Swordfight Damage Small Middle.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage smallMiddle Dadao.png

Corner Duals (small)

Swordfight Damage Small Corner.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage smallCorner Dadao.png

Single sword (big)

Swordfight Damage Strike.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage Strike Dadao.png

Middle Duals (big)

Swordfight Damage Middle.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage Middle Dadao.png

Corner Duals (big)

Swordfight Damage Corner.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage Corner Dadao.png



According to Wikipedia, the Dadao is one type of Chinese Dao swords, with its name literally translated as "big sword (knife)" in Chinese. It is of similar origin, design and use as the Falchion.

Historical Notes

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