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Skull dagger

From YPPedia

Skull dagger
drop pattern
Minimum delivery cost (doubloons) 9 Decay rate 90 days

The skull dagger is one of the seventeen sword types available to players in the game. It is produced at iron mongers. On subscription oceans, the skull dagger may only be used by subscribers.

It is often considered to have one of the more powerful drop patterns, and due to this and its easily identifiable appearance, it is often called to be teamed on during team swordfights, along with the Cleaver and Falchion. The skull dagger excels in jamming the middle of the board with large sprinkle attacks. However, the skull's strike attacks are much weaker.


Historical notes

The current drop pattern of the skull dagger used to belong to the scimitar, and vice versa. The drop pattern swap happened in release 2005-02-11.

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