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drop pattern
Minimum delivery cost (doubloons) 0 Decay rate 30 days

The foil is one of the seventeen sword types available to players in the game. All new pirates start with a foil in their booty panel. It is produced at iron mongers.

The foil is the only weapon that can be purchased from an iron monger without paying a delivery fee of doubloons on the doubloon oceans.

As it is such a cheap sword, given as starting equipment, and often the cheapest that one can be purchased, it also has one of the worst drop patterns, especially when making sprinkle attacks. It however, has a much better drop pattern than the stick and some think that it is better than the dirk and/or long sword as well.

Foils do have some good uses. They are a very cheap sword which makes it favored by PoE-strapped pillagers. They are more than adequate for fighting NPPs. Tournaments regularly use foils as a way to even the odds so that everyone receives the same mediocre sword.

The foil does have one unusual strength in PvP fights. Sometimes a foil's attacks will create fused blocks at the very top of columns 1+2 and/or 5+6. A sword strike that would normally go into these columns will then be placed in the center instead. This can turn a normally non-fatal 2 wide sword strike into an instakill. To defend against this, one can try to prevent the fused blocks from forming at the top of the screen (e.g., adding a non-red block to the top of the leftmost column if the left side is nearly full with red sprinkles) or one can attempt to eliminate the fused blocks with breakers.


Historical notes

The foil used to be called the Fencing Sword.[1]


The foil is available to purchase in the following color combinations.


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