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From YPPedia

Raw goods
Mass: 4.7 kg Volume: 1 L
Obtained from: Merchant Brigands, Commodities markets
Used by: Furnishers, Iron mongers, Apothecaries
End products: Furniture, Swords, Whisking potions

Cubanite is one of eleven minerals. It is an ingredient in falchions, furniture, and whisking potions.

German article: Cubanit

Spawn locations

Cerulean Emerald Ice Meridian Obsidian

*Islands without market bidding.


Cubanite is needed in the production of:

Iron monger products

Real world counterpart

Cubanite is made from the elements iron, copper and sulfur, and has the chemical formula CuFe2S3. This is based on the data from http://webmineral.com

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