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drop pattern
Minimum delivery cost (doubloons) 7 Decay rate 90 days

The saber is one of the seventeen sword types available to players in the game. It is produced at iron mongers. On subscription oceans, the saber may only be used by subscribers.

The main strength of the saber is considered disruption. If a saber user sends many repeated small attacks, the two-color sprinkle pattern is helpful because the opponent will have a hard time sending attacks of any color except that of the saber's sprinkles. This is called shielding. Additionally, as long as consistent pressure is held, the opponent will not be able to combo the large group the sprinkles make, because a new layer of sprinkles falls so often on top.

Another effect of the saber is the "fall-down effect". This is the effect of the opponent stacking pieces on top of the bichrome sprinkles, and then breaking the sprinkles from underneath. For example, if a saber sends a sheet of blue and green sprinkles, the opponent has little to do with the yellow and red pieces he receives. The pieces must be placed over the sprinkles, and when the sprinkle attacks are broken, the pieces on top tend to fall more unevenly than they were originally.

The saber can also be a very effective team swordfighting weapon. Teammates using complementary colors can attack with patterns that are very difficult to clear. While this can be said of any sword, the effect is much more pronounced with the saber since each pattern of sword is generally only weak to one colored breaker, whereas most swords are weak to two or more. Teaming attackers become weak to one or two breakers rather than four. This tactic was first employed with success by Jacktheblack's team, Saber Dance, during OCL Team Brawl Season 5.

The reversed saber (the first sword color is blue, green or purple) can be a deadly but doubled-edged sword. For example, if a blue-blue saber makes many sprinkle attacks, the target will have a large number of yellow blocks mixed with some red blocks. If the target gets a correctly colored breaker, they will have a good chance to make a large counterattack; if the target does not receive the right breaker quickly, they can be crushed with repeated sprinkle attacks. The non-reversed saber is considered to be weaker than the reversed saber.

This sword is not recommended for novices. The longer the opponent is allowed to remain in the game, the more chances he or she will have to get the breaker needed to counterattack.


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