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drop pattern
Minimum delivery cost (doubloons) 3 Decay rate 60 days

The cutlass is one of the seventeen sword types available to players in the game. It is produced at iron mongers. On subscription oceans, the cutlass may only be used by subscribers.

The cutlass is generally not considered to be an excellent sword. The cutlass's minor sprinkles use the same awful drop pattern as the foil and the first four rows of the cutlass' strikes are nearly identical to the foil. The cutlass does have much more complicated strikes than the foil starting with row 5 but other swords (e.g. the falchion and scimitar) have better strike patterns.


  • Enamel: 2 units
  • Enamel: 2 units
  • Iron: 3 units
  • Masuyite: 2 units
  • 10 hours of basic labor
  • 20 hours of skilled labor


The cutlass is available to purchase in the following color combinations.


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