Release 2005-02-11

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From the Release Notes:

We've been working very hard on a number of things that have finally come to fruition. We hope that you're as excited about these new features as we are.

  • Missions!
    • Missions are designed to get new Pirates up to speed on the many aspects of Puzzle Pirates, but will surely be enjoyed by the saltiest amongst ye as well. Check them out at the notice board.
    • As part of missions, the navy system has been revamped. Navy jobs can only be taken by accepting a mission. The old boats that used to be part of each island's navy will be decommissioned, and the deeds will be available in the palace for the governor to reclaim.
  • There is a brand new crafting puzzle for shipwrightery!
  • Tutorials have been added to the carpentry and navigation duty puzzles.
  • Your own performance is highlighted in duty reports.
  • Offline crewmates and hearties are hidden in an expandable panel.
  • The falchion strike pattern has been changed.
  • Skull daggers have been changed into scimitars and scimitars have turned into skull daggers. If you owned one of those swords before you will now have the other, but the pattern will be the same as what you had before.
  • Merchant-class vessels have been made easier for a smaller crew to sail.
  • Tax rates for most shops have been changed, and taxes are no longer as volatile based on island population.
  • Building upgrades will no longer take effect until the order is delivered from the estate agent.
  • Shipyard stalls now sell maps just like big shipyards.
  • Stalls have much higher opening fees, but no longer require you to own a ship or seed them with commodities.
  • Spades tables can be configured with rating ranges.
  • The faces of watchers are now shown in Spades.
  • Occupants are once again listed next to the chatbox (instead of in a tab) while dutying in battle.
  • If a shop has an open job offer, any pirate can work there "on the fly" by doing the crafting puzzle and potentially getting paid for it.
  • Empty inventory groups now hide.
  • The "employment" button that lists your jobs has been moved to the shoppe panel.
  • Some clothing recipes have been changed.
  • There are a few bug-fixes, mostly under the hood, but scrolling on Mac OS should be slightly faster.
  • Pirates are known for swashbuckling and derring-do, but many have been seen just standing around, even posing, at the local palace. Something strange is afoot.