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Sxygrl Is currently a Sage Ocean pirate, but also plays on other oceans.


Current Ranks

Flag.png Flag: Icon monarch.png Queen of the flag The End.

Crew.png Crew: Icon senior officer.png First mate of the crew The BootLeggers.

Special Items

Clothing-female-head-Savvy hat.png

Box Edition Owner


Sxygrl washed up on the shores of Lincoln Island on May 26th, 2006. She soon moved to Wensleydale and began her days as a dock tart. After much time without a crew she met Pieminister of The Unknown Kings, who hired her as a cabin person. She soon gained experience and in time became a senior officer. As a senior officer in The Unknown Kings she met and trained a new pirate named Guilley.

When she decided to leave The Unknown Kings Guilley followed her to her newly founded crew named Davy Jone's Wardrobe. With Guilley as her first mate Sxygrl and her crew joined the flag Black Rose Corsairs, where she got her first taste of flag life as a lady of the flag. When Guilley left to create his own crew Sxygrl left Black Rose Corsairs and joined the troubled flag of Game Over. She used her new found knowledge of flags to save Game Over from a almost sure death in a war with League of Light. Once Game Over was safe from League of Light she became queen of Game Over, until she went dormant and was dropped down to princess. When she returned she was offered the place as Queen again by Karlinda the queen at the time, but she declined.

She made a new crew out of the remains of her old crew which had died while she was dorment. With her new crew named after Game Over, she left to create her current flag The End.

In the next weeks a crew named The Bootleggers would join the flag, and their captain, Outlawman, would become one her best friend in the game. She would also gain a new first mate named Mysticpizza. When The End's half birthday came to pass Sxygrl had to deal with real life issues and took a break from the game. When she returned she found her crew gone again, by the hands of a former senior officer who merged it into Mysticpizza's new crew. Sxygrl became first mate of Mysticpizza's crew and took back the title of Queen from Outlawman. The End would celebrate its first birthday on Febuary 15th, 2008 with Sxygrl, Outlawman, and Mysticpizza.

Mysticpizza would soon have to leave to get married in real life; before leaving she made Sxygrl captain once again. After several months of Mysticpizza being gone she got tired of being captain and handed it over to Foreseeker, a senior officer and princess. Sxygrl would leave the crew and join Outlawman's crew The BootLeggers as his first mate.

Karlinda would soon part ways with her flag Game Over and decided to join The End. To this day Sxygrl is queen of The End, and enjoys hanging out with old friends like her old captain Pieminister, Karlinda, and Bentbeard from Game Over, and of course her best friend Outlawman.

Former Ranks

  • Icon captain.png Former captain of the crew Kleptomaninacal Rogues.
  • Icon senior officer.png Former senior officer of the crew Kleptomainacal Rogues.
  • Icon captain.png Former captain of the crew Game Over.
  • Icon monarch.png Former queen of the flag Game Over.
  • Icon royalty.png Former princess of the flag Game Over.
  • Icon senior officer.png Former senior officer of the crew The Ancient Mariners.
  • Icon senior officer.png Former senior officer of the crew The Unknown Kings.
  • Icon captain.png Former captain of the crew Dave Jone's Wardrobe.
  • Icon titled.png Former lady of the flag Black Rose Corsairs.



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Sexy Girl

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