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Contributed in-game art by Silverdagger


Silverdagger is currently captain of the crew Nevicata Drago as well as a member of the flag Vox Nihili and ex-governor of Winter Solstice.


Silverdagger is currently captain of the crew Ice Raiders as well as king of the flag ICE BANDITS.

Contributions and achievements

  • Captain and founder of Nevicata Drago
  • Governor of Winter Solstice from 3-08 until 9-09
  • His home islands are Epsilon and Winter Solstice.
  • Won Zanered's contest "Pimp Your Sloop Out" and won the "Purple Pirate People Eater" sloop
  • Also received from Zanered, Sitka (dog) as part of the prize
  • And received from Hypnos that day, Kenai and Denahi (dogs)


Silverdagger washed ashore on Spring Island in August of 2005. He soon moved to Winter Solstice and took up residence in a shack there and was quickly recruited to join the Good Times 'n' Rum crew, flying under the flag of Rum Musketeers. He worked his way up the ranks from cabin person to fleet officer in a few short months. Rum Musketeers then disbanded and he was recruited by Team Zissou and made a senior officer, that was then under the flag of Barrel O' Pirates (formerly Rum Musketeers). Later on he left Team Zissou and made his own crew Nevicata Drago under his own flag of Midnight Marauders.

Silver left his flag of Midnight Marauders and joined up with Faminto por Sangue. But after 8 months he left and joined Tyr's Own where he has found a new home. Silver then left Tyr's Own after 5 years with them and joined up with Everpresent Shadows.

Silverdagger bought a nice estate on Epsilon Island.

3-30-08 Silverdagger became governor of Winter Solstice until 9-09 and he still lives there in a villa.

2-1-12 Silverdagger left Tyr's Own to go on to better things.

11-14-13 Silverdagger joined up with Everpresent Shadows as a royal.

12-2-13 Silverdagger left Everpresent Shadows and joined up with For Glory or Honor #1 flag on the ocean.

4-11-15 Silverdagger left For Glory or Honor and went on flag-less for awhile until 4-28-15 he joined Vox Nihili.

In-game art

Interesting facts

Silver has a purple starfish in his trinket case. It was given to him by Alethia because his daughter was kidnapped on 10-5-06 in honor of her. She returned home in July 07.

Silver bought his dream ship. It's a war brig that is painted black sides with navy rails and has colored banners. It's one of the old style brigs that still has the colored banners and drinking game aboard her. It was renamed on 12-01-13 to the Shadowy Daggertooth.

Silver received a Christmas present of a beautiful longship that has been painted black and red and is named Bloodstained Dragon.

Silver is a collector of LE sloops and ships with the fish name of Daggertooth, Spot & Tigerfish.


Silver lost his hand on the 1st of October 2007.
Silver lost his leg in the Cursed Isles on 27th of December 2008.
Silver lost his eye in the BK blockade on 28th of January 2012.

Renamed ships

Ship Class Ship Name Colors Banners
War frigate Royal Daggertooth Navy/Grey Maroon
War frigate Plum Daggertooth Plum/Plum Plum
War frigate Sweet Daggertooth Banana/Banana Banana
War brig Snowy Daggertooth White/Grey Grey
War brig Shadowy Daggertooth Black/Navy Aqua
Longship Bloodstained Dragon Black/Red none
Cutter Demonic Daggertooth Maroon/Green none
Sloop Jagged Daggertooth Blue/Grey None
Sloop Bright Daggertooth Blue/Yellow None
Sloop Spooky Daggertooth Black/Orange None