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Below are some examples of creative writing, written by Adrielle (who is also known as Ezmerelda_M, or AddyRielle). These pieces have been submitted as contest entries on the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Forums and Discord over the years.

Entry for Sonnets of the Seven Seas: A Pirate's Resolute Quest

Adrielle, the weirdish pirate hippy

Yearns to acquire many different boats

Loopy Sloop is her favourite shippy

But she’ll sail on anything that floats

She fondly remembers the days of old

Pillies, jokes and the odd poker party

On lonely lost islands, she forages gold

While away from the oceans, she wants to be arty

She drags her aching bones all over the sea

Trying to remember how to nav and gun

Missing the pirates she oft used to see

And visit (or stalk) - especially one

Who much loved pink ships, banning and bunnies

And was slightly jealous of someone sunny...

By Adrielle on Emerald, Dec 2023.

December Daily Doodles 2009; December 11th

Upon the ocean deep and blue;

Sailed a ship with a unique crew.

As the sloop sailed and bobbed along,

There could be heard a merry song.

The crew were special yes indeed;

They were a rare and squiddy breed.

Twas quite a spectacular view -

Octopus steering the ship true!

Adrielle of Viridian.

December Daily Doodles 2009; December 2nd - Limerickrolling!

There once was a greenie named Entz

Who wanted to enter events

An entry he drew

And posted it too

But sigh, Post New Thread struck againz...

By Adrielle on Viridian, 2009.

December Daily Doodles 2009; December 3rd - Dusted? orly?

I, Adrielle of Viridian, investigated the enigma of why bandanas crumble to dust. During my investigations, I found that bandanas were not really being made at tailors; instead, Three Rings have secretly outsourced the work to some grumpy and underpaid underground gnomes. The gnomes have magical powers, and can enchant things to make them appear different than they really are, but the magic wears off after a while. The gnomes are therefore able to make use of their many old threadbare socks and other pre-loved fabrics when creating clothing for YPP. They enchant the fabric to make it look new and shiny. Sadly, the odd smell remains (luckily, pirates have no noses). Because the products are made from threadbare socks and other less-than-new stuffs, they tend not to last long. By the time the enchanted-ness wears off, there is nothing left of the items but dust!

By Adrielle on Viridian, 2009.

Entry for "A True Pirate Poem!!!"

This poem was written by Adrielle, and won first prize (nine doubloons) in A True Pirate Poem!!!, a contest held on the forums in August, 2009.

A true pirate sails the seas,

With their swashy blowin' in the breeze;

Pillagin' treasure ships o' gold,

And winning battles and booty untold!

A true pirate is unafraid;

And likes to fight in a blockade.

So join us now, this savvy crew;

Ye need us, and we need you!

By Adrielle, August 2009.

For Kait

This is a poem written by Adrielle for the Kait can't wait to be 3! [Creativity Contest], which was held on the forums in 2009. This poem was incorporated into a video entry, which won first prize (a renamed sloop, a gold medal trinket, and three doubloons).

A pirate named Kait has sailed the seas;

For three long years, on the ocean of Sage.

It has been said that she collects eggs;

Of blue, not red (the color of rage).

Kait owns pets, including pigs;

And an octo to perch on her shoulder!

It is hard to believe that in these three short years;

She's grown three more years older...

Kait likes to trade skulls among her mates;

Momentoes of battles 'gainst skellies of woe!

She has quite a collection of odds and ends;

She's a captain and princess, also.

She is quite hawt, and owns some stalls;

And she travels around in her own way =).

So, to Kait, I have to say:

Congrats on this, yer third birthday!

By Adrielle, 2009.

Adrielle's Tale of Woe

This poem was written by Adrielle. It was an award-winning entry into My tale of WOE!, a contest held on the forums in 2009. The prize was 42 doubloons.

Thar once were a pirate named Amazin Ad;

She were ragged, and scurvy, and very bad.

Ad sailed upon the seven seas;

Pillagin' booty with plenty o' ease.

Until oneday she hit a snag,

And one o' her jobbers called her a hag!

She planked the brute, and went on her way

But the bad luck he'd left was there to stay...

She tried her best, but kept losin' battles

Her ship were all damaged; all creaks and rattles

She won a few fights, despite this, though

But then two more jobbers had to go...

And somehow the booty just wasn't as high,

So all of her jobbers left her high and dry.

Ten leagues from port, and with little stock,

Amazinad tried to head to dock.

With three swabbies to help, she worked hard, oh, aye!

But the damage was risin', and the bilge was high.

After what seemed like ten long years,

Amazinad ported, almost in tears.

There was so little booty left to divide;

She divided it quickly, then went off to hide.

She could not afford to restock the boat,

And other pirates were sure to gloat;

About how bad her pillage had been,

And that she was the worst b-navver that they'd ever seen!

So, what was poor Ad, the pirate, to do?

She was out o' poe, and bereft o' a crew!

She wandered about, to and fro,

And thought about her day full o' woe...

By Adrielle, 2009.

I vow to thee, my Mnemosyne

The following poem was written by Adrielle as an entry into I Vow To The, My Mnemosyne, a contest held on the forums in 2009.

I vow to thee, my Mnemosyne, my memory retains;

Designer of many isles, and blessed with lots of brains;

The master of the ocean, and one who rules the seas,

To each and every puzzle, Mnemosyne holds the keys;

The mother of nine muses, yet young and youthful still,

She dances in the sunshine, untouched by winters chill.

And she makes real cool tourneys, for trinkets every day

Gen'rous is Mnemosyne, in every single way;

She may not have her armies, of screaming fans to boot;

But Mnemosyne has got a lot, including lots of loot;

And so I want to thank her now, for every littlest thing,

She does to keep the wide PP world, safe and prospering.

By Adrielle, 2009.

Halloween Night

This poem was written by Adrielle for Apollo's Crafty Poetic Art event!, a Halloween-themed contest held on the forums in 2008.

Upon the seas of blue, I sailed;

Searching for treasures, it was me task.

My face, against the cold wind veiled;

Beneath me hideous Halloween mask!

I looked the part - a demonic ghoul;

To strike fear in the heart o' the opposition.

I had piracy skills, an' I be no fool;

Though, rum I'd imbibed; (me admission)...

The battles were tough, but none did we lose;

And the booty we made was sweet candy.

Tis' the life o' a pirate, that which we choose.

Aye, we're sailors of skill, which is handy!

Porting late into the witching hour;

We revel at a Halloween party.

Treats and rum we do devour;

Arr! It be true, me hearty!

By Adrielle, 2008.

My Frozen Queen

This poem by Adrielle was an entry into the Tribute to the Ice Queen event, which was held on the forums in 2008.

Thy icy gaze upon mine eyes;

Doth match the chill of the southern skies.

Thy regal stance, I kneel before,

And look upon thee filled with awe.

No warmth within my frosted Queen;

But power like you've never seen!

Thine frozen lips in thou wintry cold;

Devoid of warmth for time untold.

Deathly cold and deathly white;

Like the endless polar night.

For thee I write this shivery ode,

My frosty Queen of this chilled abode.

For thou spares us of our numbing woes;

And saves us from a frozen nose!

So to keep thou happy, I worship thee;

In thine unheated sanctuary.

I would like thee to know thine worth;

For thou has spared us cold on earth.

And so I adore thee, it can be seen,

My ever powerful Frozen Queen.

By Adrielle, 2008.

She Fell in Love with a Pirate [1]

O, once I knew a meek young lass;

As sweet as she could be.

Until she met a pirate bloke,

And went away to sea.

I saw her once or twice since then,

And asked her, "How ye be?"

She said, "Arr! I'm fine here, mate!"

And left again for sea.

She was the prettiest girl I've known;

A gentle angelic beauty,

But she had changed forevermore,

Since going away to sea.

She told me once, another time;

She loved the pirate, you see,

And so long as he was there,

She would go with him to sea.

The two had something special, aye,

Denied ever to me;

They had found their one true love,

A-pillaging the sea.

By Adrielle.

An Ode to Gunnery [2]

I spy the glint o' the rising sun;

The star-speckled night, the earth doth shun.

I feel the urge, and so I run;

I feel it now - I have to gun!

Gunning's fun, I do declare;

The sound of balls flying through the air.

I fill the guns, I do me share -

All while wearing clean underwear.

I love to gun on any ship.

Me heart skips when those cannons rip!

The arrow pieces, I like to flip.

It's cool to gun, so I am hip!

Gunning be a useful skill.

All those guns I love to fill.

Red thing, paper thing, ball, until

We swordfight and make our kill!

The pieces they do push and shove;

I tell ye now, me good ole guv';

I tell ye under the stars above:

Gunnery be me one true love!!!

By Adrielle, 2009.

Easter Easel, 2008 [3]

Upon the ocean, shiny and blue;

There sailed a war frig, sturdy and true.

Captained by a pirate who loved to drink soup;

The ship was certainly no match for a sloop.

Sailing silently in the night;

The northern star was her guiding light.

The war frig moved with remarkable pace;

To make a swift port at a top secret place.

This spot was special to the crew.

It was a place to relax and sip some brew.

Upon the morning's waking light;

The ship would leave this favoured site;

And sail upon the ocean true,

Gliding sleekly on the blue.

Easter Easel 2008 II [4]

Adrielle be me pirate's name;

Viridian ocean's me home.

You're feeling low? Tis' such a shame!

Lucky that along I came!

For I can make ye smile again.

Ye'll be as cheerful as a gnome!

There's one thing that brings cheer to pass;

And that be love, my dear fellow.

So find yeself a pirate lass!

A gal who's got a lot of sass,

And preferably not too much gas...

Introduce yeself, say Hello!

In not much time yer love will bloom,

And better off you will soon feel!

Love will end yer sorrow and gloom;

It'll sweep you off, like a broom!

And magically, yer pain will heal.

Love does have the sweetest purfume.

That's me advice, Apollo, dear.

Yes, you are now saved from yer sorrow.

So you no longer have to fear -

When yer sweet pirate lass is near!

Ye'll be happy and filled with cheer.

(My fee for this help is ten poe).

By Adrielle.

Plundered Poems: Nursery Rhymes Entry [5]

Upon My Sloop A Sailing

Upon my sloop a-sailing

We pillage the jewelled sea

We plunder 'til we're laden

With fruit and gold for thee

Rambutan in the cabin

Pineapples fill the hold

The captain dresses up in silk

As we plunder others' gold!

By Adrielle.

Easter Easel, 2007

The following poem by Adrielle was an entry into one of the Easter Easel events on the forums in 2007.

Alone, I walked in torment, daily, with my wounded heart;

Depressed thoughts and lost hope had torn my withered soul apart.

But now that time seems distant to me, quite like a nightmare;

I've finally met someone with whom everything I share.

Since meeting you, I'm smiling always - I never feel undone;

It's your sweet smile that soothes and warms me gently, like the sun.

You are my daylight, the sand at my feet, the sun upon my skin;

Now I'm full of life and joy, when before my soul was thin.

When I'm with you, there's no secret that I would not share;

You make me feel so safe, my angel, when you are right there.

I know that with you I belong forever and a day;

And so many times you've said that you feel this same way.

We make each others' phone bills high, it is a fact that's true;

But I just have to hear you, love, and let you hear me too!

There is no secret I can tell and nothing I'd confess;

That would ever make you dream or wish to love me less.

You are the most amazing person I have ever known,

And I can't believe how quickly that our love has grown.

You love my faults and hold me near no matter what i do;

And I say a million times per day, the truth - that I love you!

By Adrielle, 2007.

Pi Day

The following short poems were written by Adrielle as entries into various Pi-day themed events on the forums. The first poem won a pie trinket.

Pi Haiku

At pi-kus, she sighs

Adrielle is a pi-rate

But doesn't get pi...

By Adrielle.

Pie Rhyme

There once was a fearful cherry pie;

Who acted so incredibly shy.

She feared she'd be eaten;

(She'd seen eggs get beaten!)

And every day she asked herself, "why?!"

By Adrielle 2008.

Pi Haiku II

Days I sat and wept

Hope of passing math lost

The memory of pi

By Adrielle, 2007.

Gothic Dawning Entry: The Pirates' Masquerade!

A pageant beneath the silvery moon;

The pirates' masquerade.

Midnight had come not a moment too soon -

It was time to judge the parade!

The pirates did whistle a merry tune,

And the moonlight did not fade.

The captain passed judgment upon the sea;

And the sexiest pirate, of course, was me!

By Adrielle of Viridian, October 2009.

This poem was written as an entry into section five of the Gothic Dawning event held on the forums in 2009.

Malachite Birthday Haiku

Across the waves, blue

Time slips away so quickly

Congrats Malachite!

I sail many seas

Over waves of blue and green

Malachite is best

By Adrielle, 2009

This poem by Adrielle was an entry into the Malachite Birthday Haiku contest, which was held on the forums in 2009. She won a chocolate-chip cookies trinket inscribed with her haiku.

Easter Easel 2009

Thar once were a captain, who were brave and true.

She aimed to monster hunt, upon the sea blue.

Sadly, though she tried, with a smile and wink ;)

Moments after entry, her ship, it did sink.

By Adrielle, 2009.

This poem by Adrielle was an entry into the Easter Easel, 2009.

Valentine's Day Ship Shindig: Anti-Valentine's Card

I wonder why, when I think of you...

What comes to mind is elephant poo.

You are quite large, and smell quite bad;

Your position in life is socially sad.

Though, there is one difference between you and poo:

You are white, and it's brown, tis' true.

You follow me like a dog who's after a bone,

But I do not like you, so LEAVE ME ALONE!

By Adrielle, 2009.

This poem by Adrielle was an entry into the Valentine's Day Ship Shindig: Anti-Valentine's Card event on the forums in 2009.

Poetry on the 8s

There is a number I cannot hate

Although, I do try to hide it

That digit, of course, is the number eight

Upon its lucky back, I'll ride it

Eight has become my favoured card

Upon the green round table

It is my weapon, my knightly shard

But, alas, my stat is still able...

By Adrielle, 2008.

This poem by Adrielle was an entry into the Poetry on the 8s contest on the forums.

I am a Zombie

I am a Zombie, moaning by day.

I don't trouble pirates, as long as they pay.

I collect booty; I live upon a hill;

So pay my bill.

By Adrielle, 2009.

This poem by Adrielle was an entry into 28 Words Later - Win a Bia Egg! contest on the forums in 2009.

December Daily Doodles

The following poem by Adrielle was an entry into one of the December Daily Doodles events on the forums (the year is unknown).

Ad is quite loopy; what else can I say?

She adores to pillage day after day!

With her amazin' crew

(Aye, that be true!)

She'll always win with a YAY!!!

By Adrielle, 2009.

The Rambutan

This is a short story written by Adrielle, as an entry into The Rambutan - a contest held on the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Forums during 2008.

The rambutan sat, perched on top of its crate, watching the goings-on of the vessel with its stony-faced countenance. It had been there for most of the day, certainly since early morning, watching the crew from its perfect position.

Passers by barely noticed the rambutan as they busily went about their daily duties. If they had noticed it, surely they would have dismissed it as insignificant. Respect for rambutan was scarce among the pirates of the Gritty Shad.

For many years, this lack of respect had taunted the rambutan. They were forced to be carried in crates, to be transferred here there and everywhere like they were objects with no feelings at all.

Today, this little rambutan would have its revenge. And the best part was that no-one would suspect the rambutan of such things... The rambutan grinned to itself as it thought about this fact and prepared to take his revenge upon the evil pirates who had long opressed his people.

By Adrielle, 2008.

9-09-09 Contest [6] Entry

After nine kegs of rum, the crew of nine began to groan. The captain threatened to whip them with the cat-o'-nine tails, so they pulled 'emselves together and set sail. 'Twas nine leagues 'til port, and 99 treasure chests aboard. Try as they might to avoid a battle, in their drunken state, 'twas impossible. They were intercepted by the cutter 'Nine Tea Nine'. The battle was over quickly; they were beaten by nine swabbies. It wasn't the only battle they faced. By the time they ported, they'd nine measly treasure chests left - the contents of all nine was rags.

By Adrielle, 2009

Brigand King Philosophers

The following creative writing pieces were written by Adrielle as entries into the Brigand King Philosophers: Compose their public flag statements! contest, which was held on the forums in 2008.

"Upon the cool winds sent from the underworld hang the mournful cries of a hoard of pirates long dead. Our haunting presence lingers ever on, an unbeatable force of ghostly might! Whispered lamentations of the past, lost hopes for the future - for us, time stands still. With our phantom strength and terrifying power, we sail the seas in search of glory. Be warned, all who read this: Foolish be the pirate who picks a fight with Chthonic Horde!"
"We be the Enlightened, cutthroat, skull-cracking, neck-breaking pirates! We be well-travelled, and the science of battle be our religion! There's no puzzle we cannot solve, and no fight we cannot win. Cross paths with us, and ye shan't live long!"
"The flame of glory, heart of fire; the sweet sound of steel upon steel - We are the mighty, the All-Consuming Flame, and in our wake, we leave nothing but the scorched ashes of those who have met with our fury..."
"Avast, ye scurvy blaggards! Ye be in the hellish territory of the ladies of the Black Veil! We may be beautiful, but don't be fooled - we are also deadly! With our goddess-like beauty and charm, we'll lure our prey with deadly precision, trapping them within our inescapable web. Be ye warned, sailor - our bite is far worse than our bark!"
"We be the mighty flag, Jinx! Behold the dazzling golden smile of our formidable Queen, Gretchen Goldfang! Let it remind you not to mess with us, for our teeth be sharp, but our wits be sharper. If ye go against us in battle, ye will never win. However, we would like very much to steal your treasure! Arr!"
"Bonjour! This exquisite flag, as its name suggests, is commanded by none other than the blood of royalty. I, Admiral Finius, exist purely to fight for glory and honour! As one may expect, a flag of such strength as ours does not suffer fools or lowly pirates, nor do we tolerate their futile attempts to better our superior forces in battle. We will never be defeated, for to face defeat would be to face a fate worse than death. Adieu. Admiral Finius."
"Our icy breath across the seas be anything but a harmless breeze. Odin's mist surrounds our ship, with dragon's pace to speed our trip. We will fight and win the day - with the power of our Gods at play. We be warriors, brave and true. You're doomed if we come after you!"