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/plank is a command that will force a pirate to leave a game scene (walk the plank). When a pirate is forced to walk the plank they will be ejected from the ship or building and placed on either the docks of their home island (if planked from a ship) or the docks of the island they are presently located (if planked from a building). It is possible for pirates to plank themselves, but only from a ship.

To plank a pirate from a ship, a pirate must have officer privileges. To plank from a building, a pirate must own or manage it. Owners and managers cannot be planked from their own buildings. Nobody can be planked from any infrastructure building. If a Jobbing pirate is planked, he or she will also be removed from their jobbing crew.

If a pirate is planked from a building, he or she is banned from re-entering that building again. This effect lasts until the next server reboot.

The whole crew is notified when an officer has forced a pirate to walk the plank on a ship. The notice includes the name of the pirate who walked the plank along with the pirate who issued the command.

The "dismiss" option on the crew panel for jobbing pirates functions as a shortcut for the plank command. Like the plank command, it always dismisses a jobber, and if the jobber is standing aboard a ship that belongs to the jobbing crew it will also return them to their home island.

Reasons for planking vary widely, but some officers will plank pirates for doing the following:

/plank <pirate name>
Example: /plank Undertow

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