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Flag Roles
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Royalty is one of the four positions in a flag. They have voting power within a flag for issues of war, governors of the flag's islands, and addition/change of titled, monarch, and royalty positions. The royalty are listed in the flag's information and can post flag news. Royalty have access to the /royalty and /fbroadcast chat channels, as well as /fofficer, although access to /fofficer is restricted to officer or higher badge holders on Doubloon Oceans. Finally, flag royals are able to wear crowns and tiaras, and if they are in a flag with renowned fame or higher, they may hold a scepter in a portrait.

In order to be promoted to a royalty position and to use abilities it allows, a pirate must have the rank of officer or higher. On Doubloon Oceans they do not need to have an officer or higher badge; however as noted earlier, they will be unable to use the /fofficer channel although they may use the /royalty and /fbroadcast channels.

Creating new royalty

Players can become royalty when a majority of the flag's current royalty and its monarch vote. A player must be an officer or above to become a royal. This can be done from the flag info page button "Propose status change":

The promotion dialog box is fairly straightforward. Names must be spelled correctly.

Once the box has been completed, the person proposing the change is given the message "A proposal was made to change the status of <player> to Royalty." The royal or monarch proposing the status change automatically casts a vote of "Yea"; thus, if a flag has only one royal and no monarch or a monarch and no royalty, the change is automatic. If not, a voting page is presented on the flag news and issues page:

The royalty vote is presented as a flag issue to current royalty and above.

This dialog box appears to current royalty and the current monarch, if one is present. A simple majority will complete the motion.


A male royal is a "prince." A female royal is a "princess."