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Sinking-ness not yet started


LAUNCHES COMPLETE thru Cobalt/Viridian

Note to me: use Template:Blockade for links

Note to me: use style="background:tan" for release cell background

Note to me: use style="background:#FFCCCC" for sinking cades, #C6E2FF for non-sinking

Major Release
Sinking Blockade
Non-Sinking Blockade


Date Cobalt Hunter Midnight Sage Viridian
2003 October 27 Midnight Ocean Opens
December 13 Back into the fray


Date Cobalt Hunter Midnight Sage Viridian
2004 January 26 War!
April 28 Bazaar Blockades!
29 Emperor I
Byrne I
May 1 Guava I
Jorvik I
Oyster I
Spring I
Tinga I
5 Papaya I
7 Shop and Vessel Records
Papaya II
8 Winter I
Wrasse I
15 Turtle I
21 Cnossos I
28 Jorvik II
June 3 Winter II
18 Market Bidding, Shop Enhancements
25 Gaea I
Guava II
July 17 Heph's Forge I
23 Byrne II
Jorvik III
Wrasse II
24 Eta I
31 Epsilon I
August 7 Orca I
8 Ostreum I
14 Xi I
15 Turtle II
21 Oyster II
Park I
Turtle III
28 Remora I
29 Chaparral I
September 4 Endurance I
11 Cranberry I
15 Remora II
17 Oyster III
Park II
Winter III
18 Cranberry II
Zeta I
23 Chaparral II
25 Nu I
October 2 Cranberry III
Luthien I
9 Beta I
Cranberry IV
16 Angelfish I
21 Double, double, toil and trouble
22 Cranberry V
23 Cleo I
24 Remora III
29 Cnossos II
November 6 Angelfish II
Cnossos III
Papaya III
9 Eta II
13 Gaea II
20 Alpha I
21 Emperor II
Tinga II
24 Spades!
December 11 Spring II
15 Happy Holiday Fruitcake
19 Zeta II


Date Cobalt Hunter Midnight Sage Viridian
2005 January 8 Tinga III
9 Zeta III
15 Tinga IV
22 Orca II
29 Nu III
February 6 Endurance II
Remora IV
11 Missions!
12 Zeta IV
18 Cobalt Ocean Opens Viridian Ocean Opens
19 Orca III
26 Emperor III
Ostreum II
27 Gaea III
March 5 Dragon's Nest I
Lima I
Sakejima I
13 Endurance III
Jorvik IV
Luthien II
Zeta V
19 Cnossos IV
28 Usability, bugs, and networking
April 2 Heph's Forge II
6 You can take it with you!
9 Angelfish III
Cnossos V
10 Cleo II
Guava III
Jorvik V
16 Prolix I Jorvik VI Olive I
Remora V
17 Spring III
23 Byrne III Olive II
Gaea IV
26 I ♥ Hearts.
30 Olive I Guava IV Prolix I
Spring IV
May 1 Eta III
2 Fame!
8 Eta IV
Jorvik VII
25 Treasure Drop, Fair Booty Shares, Crew Dormancy
28 Jorvik VIII
Meke I
June 4 Delta I
Guava V
Jorvik IX
10 Cnossos VI
18 Conglin I Papaya IV Conglin I
Dendrite I Dendrite I
Olive III
25 Kirin I Jorvik X Conglin II
Wrasse III Dendrite II
Kirin I
29 New Drinking
July 2 Delta II Olive IV
Heph's Forge III
Ostreum III
3 Guava VI
8 A few fixes, a few features
9 Papaya V
16 Corona I Papaya VI Corona I
Dendrite III
17 Ostreum IV Kirin II
23 Namath I
30 Viridis I Viridis I
31 Meke II
August 6 Terra I Kirin III
Prolix II
Terra I
10 Housing and Furniture
13 Gaea V
Lagniappe I
19 Sage Ocean Opens
20 Olive II Dendrite IV
Terra II
21 Tinga V
27 Olive II Chaparral III
28 Dendrite V
Kirin IV
Terra III
Viridis II
September 3 Dendrite VI
Viridis III
4 Terra IV
10 Harmattan I Orca IV Harmattan I
11 Corona II
17 Terra III Gaea VI Tigerleaf I
Tigerleaf I
18 Harmattan II
24 Corona III
Harmattan III
Tigerleaf II
25 Xi II
October 1 Conglin II
2 Cnossos VII Tigerleaf III
20 A New Look
22 Jorvik XI Viridis IV
23 Viridis II
30 Olive V
November 5 Remora VI
12 Prolix II Emperor IV
Tinga VI
13 Orca V Cochineal I
Viridis V
19 Cochineal I
20 Meke III Olive VI
Nu IV Viridis VI
23 Turkey Turbo
27 Viridis VII
30 New Sword board summaries
December 3 Angelfish IV Conglin III
Emperor V Corona IV
Gaea VII Kirin V
Guava VII Prolix III
Meke IV Viridis VIII
Spring V
4 Turtle IV
10 Olive VII
Prolix IV
18 Turtle V Dendrite VII
Olive VIII
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