Release 2004-06-18

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Market Bidding, Shoppe Enhancements (v1.74)

From the Release Notes:

We've finally added the long-awaited market bidding, as well as some useful features for shopkeepers. Enjoy! This is probably going to be the last time we focus on shoppes and the economy for a while, we'll shift our priorities to things that are more fun for more people.

  • On colonized islands or islands with markets, harvested commodities are now distributed according to a bid system. Bids can be placed from any boat or shoppe, and when new commodities are harvested they are distributed evenly to the highest bidders.
  • Shoppes can now disable or make price adjustments to specific products. Because of this, cowslip has been removed from the requirements for sail cloth.
  • There are a few new articles of clothing:
  • Shoppes may now be downgraded at the estate agent.
  • Forts may be upgraded into palaces, once a market has been built.
  • Governors may now buy and sell goods from the fort or palace.
  • Building taxes are computed at the beginning of the week and are fixed. They may be pre-paid at any time during the week.
  • All buildings will now have deeds, and governors will have control of all bazaars on their islands.
  • Fixed a bug with not paying laborers when a shoppe ran out of money.
  • Behind the scenes goodness, hopefully fixing bugs with shop destruction and upgrades.