Release 2005-10-20

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A New Look

From the Release Notes:
  • Yohoho is now free to play, forever, but there are some new restrictions on what free players can do. Notably, parlor and crafting puzzles are restricted except for 'free days'.
  • There is now a form of the noticeboard shown whenever you log in. From this new page you can take missions, jump straight to the inn, or go to your house if you're on your home island.
  • There are new "introductory" missions that take the place of the old intro. The missions can be taken more than once to practice.
  • There are two new hairstyles: pigtails for girls and dreads for boys.
  • There are some new articles of clothing: jerkin and musketeer hat for the gents, and a muffin hat and buccaneer jacket for the ladies.
  • Male pants can now be ordered with a vertical stripe on the side.
  • There are 7 new potions.
  • A new display case piece of furniture has been added to display trinkets.
  • All the new products will initially be disabled at all shops. Managers will need to go in and enable them in order for them to be sold.
  • The scroll position of a list of stalls is now random, to remove an advantage for A-names.
  • Crews may now propose to merge with another crew.
  • From now on, when clothes dust they will turn into rags that are of the same color, except that rags dusting will always turn into one of white, blue, tan, or red.
  • Racks may now be viewed by anyone.
  • Starter islands will now require shacks.
  • Shack and furnisher bazaars now require the correct amount of construction labor to complete.
  • House chat has been added as the default chat mode when in a house.
  • Yellow arrows will now be clickable even if a pirate is standing in front of them!
  • The noticeboard is now the first icon on the island map.
  • When a tournament match starts, if either player has watching turned off, the game will be private and unwatchable in any way, even from the radial menus.
  • Private parlor tables will also be actually private now.
  • There's a new limited-edition portrait background.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed the workaround for Microsoft Internet Sharing so that it should behave better for people affected by that bug.
    • When removing racks or chests from your house/shop, a warning will be issued to explain what's happened to the items or PoE in them.
    • Hearts and Spades will continue to show the user's name and score (but not the face) when a player leaves the game.
    • Brawls of more than 2 people were never rated, but this was not displayed properly in brawl configuration. Now the table interface will make it clear that all brawls are never rated.
    • When ye purchase a house you will automatically enter it.
    • If you reconnect while standing in a chat circle you won't be deaf to it anymore.
    • Chat message length restriction will be checked after mogrifications have been applied.