Release 2003-12-13

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Back into the fray (First post-launch update)

From the Release Notes:

Avast! Launch has come and gone, and we're right back into the fray with new features and the inevitable fixes to old features. Let's get right to the juicy details:

  • Me hearties! Ye now invite other pirates to be yer hearty and hear about when they log off and onto the game. In yer "Crew" tab a separate list of hearties is maintained so that ye can keep track of friends that aren't in yer crew.
  • Automated tournaments! The initial version of our automated tournament system has been released for your competitive pleasure. It is not laden with features quite yet, it only supports single elimination tournaments and does not support best out of three, but it does take care of all the other niggling bits associated with running a tournament and forms a solid platform that we can extend in future updates.
  • If ye get hit by a cannon in sea battle, ye can't disengage for at least two turns even if ye had already surpassed yer disengage turn prior to being hit. That goes for brigands as well.
  • /fwho will now display a single flag's information if it finds an exact match to what ye typed.
  • If there be pirates standing about next to a chat circle when it needs to expand, it will now just drag them into the circle rather than preventing it from expanding.
  • Refineries now track labor throughput by skill level which should allow them to make more accurate assessments of when yer order will be finished.
  • The "Disengage" button is only displayed to the officer that has the helm to avoid accidental disengagements by other officers who misclick when leaving their puzzle.
  • Trial users not online for at least 5 minutes will not have that session counted against their limit.
  • Finally fixed that pesky "disappearing from yer flag" bug.
  • Brigands of all shapes and sizes will now use their cannons.
  • No longer will articles of clothing appear on your pirate snapshot if you tried them on at a tailor but didn't buy them.

With this first post-launch release, I'll take the opportunity to express how happy we are to have finally launched the game. Thanks to all of our Alpha and Beta testers for their tremendous help up to this point and for the help they'll surely provide in the future as we continue to expand the game (and inevitably introduce bugs that need findin' and fixin', arr!). In the not too distant future, we'll be re-introducing the test server (ahh, the Azure seas) and major new features will be introduced there so that they can be tested and balanced without disrupting the production ocean (which will hopefully become oceans at some point in the future).

We are getting underway on flag warfare, a highly anticipated feature to be sure. Fortunately, we also have a few smaller bits in the works on the side so that you won't see a dearth of interesting new bits between now and the introduction of flag wars. In the meantime, smooth seas to ye!