Release 2005-07-08

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A few fixes, a few features

From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed the drinking bug that caused the client to display the incorrect player as the turn holder, often resulting in that player being unable to move.
  • Changed the default drinking end-game condition back to 1500 points and added some more point targets.
  • Some drinking user interface tweaks, including re-adding the right-click to drink. We'll continue to adjust some things in drinking in the weeks to come.
  • Brawls must now be even or the initiator's team must be at a disadvantage.
  • Brawls and swordfighting challenges now have game chat.
  • Some user-interface changes have been made to the parlor table matchmaking system to reduce the "jumpiness" of the scrolling list as new tables are added and old ones removed.
  • Top 10 lists have been changed to "ultimate" lists, and are now only updated once per day, and are linked from the name of the puzzle rather than a user's rating.
  • Changed the way pillaging jobs are ranked on the noticeboard. The vessel's current location is no longer a factor, among other things.
  • /eject has been changed to /plank. /planking is prevented in certain buildings where it could be abused.
  • If you log on and are already in a tournament, the tourney info panel will appear in your 'ahoy' tab automatically.
  • Added a button to return to the tourney join/full info panel from the info panel in your ahoy tab.
  • When browsing tourneys, if you do not join one and dismiss the dialog you will be returned to the listing of all tourneys.
  • A little help icon has been added to all help buttons.
  • Chat limiting (hoarseness) has been removed from most 'private' chat channels, including crew/vessel/etc. In public places you'll still be limited. Building managers are exempt in their own buildings.
  • Bugfix: worked around a problem with chat limiting that happens on Windows.
  • Bugfix: stats on older portraits should be fixed.
  • Bugfix: drinking games will now actually be rated!
  • Various other under-the-hood bugfixes and optimizations which should improve play experience.
  • In swordfights, the list of pirates on a team can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel.