Release 2005-05-25

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Treasure Drop, Fair Booty Shares, Crew Dormancy

From the Release Notes:
  • There is a new game at the inns: Treasure Drop.
  • Crew members who have not logged on in 10 days will now be marked as dormant. They will not have voting rights in the crew and will not be listed on the primary crew information page.
  • There has been a giant revamp to the way booty shares and crew cuts work:
    • All crews have been wiped to the new default booty share option: "Even". Ship restocking cuts have been capped at 30%, and the crew's configured cut is now the maximum when dividing booty.
    • Crews may choose from one of a set of booty share options.
    • Any previous proposals to change crew articles that had not yet been passed have been wiped because they are obsolete.
    • Jobs posted on the notice board will list the crew's booty share option. The more jobber-friendly your crew's booty shares are, the better the chances of your job appearing on any particular noticeboard in the ocean.
    • Booty division has been altered. The proposer may only adjust other pirates up or down by 1 battle. The proposer may adjust herself all the way down to 0.
    • The ship restocking cut and booty share option are recorded at the beginning of the voyage, so that crews cannot sneakily change their articles after hiring jobbers.
    • The pirates in the booty division are now listed by rank, sorted by name within each rank. The booty proposal should jump to make your cut visible when the list is very long.
    • The proposal will stay up after it has been approved so that everyone can view it. It will be removed when the vessel sets sail again.
  • A new player-made portrait background is available for a limited time.
  • When a player jumps ship in the middle of a battle, a swabbie is immediately brought on board as a replacement. Thereafter, every 3rd additional player that leaves results in another swabbie coming aboard. These swabbies are extra and will leave when the battle is over.
  • The list of products at the tailor will now start with the first female products when a female pirate opens the interface.
  • Greeters may now change their on-duty status with /duty.
  • Blockade cost and declaration windows are shown on the blockade status tab of the noticeboard for each island.
  • Brigands will now be cowed by the navies of colonized islands: you may have to go further out to find good pillaging.
  • Brawls cannot be started until the teams have been stable for 5 seconds to prevent accidental lopsided teams.
  • If a pirate is playing a watchable game, clicking on them will reveal a new menu item allowing you to directly watch the game.
  • Many bugs have been fixed:
    • The "take job" button will be re-enabled after a failure, so that if you already have three jobs you can quit one and reapply.
    • The governor's cut of stall opening fees are now properly recorded in the palace logs.
    • Don't allow clothing that is currently being worn to be added to the rack.
    • Always allow deed holders to remove money and items from their vessel, even if they have no crew.
    • The vessel report at the docks can now cope with more than 512 vessels in your crew.
    • Swords will henceforth be colored correctly in portraits.
    • Don't count an estate agent as a shop on medium islands.
    • Crews may now clear their public or private statements.
    • The 'disengage' button will be dimmed out if you no longer have the helm in sea battle.