Release 2005-05-02

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From the Release Notes:

It's another exciting release so soon after Hearts.

  • A new "Fame" system has been added. Active puzzling players will accrue fame for their crews and flags, which then slowly wears off over the course of two weeks. Crews will not be able to join a flag until they have "Rumored" fame, or form a flag unless they have "Established" fame. Flags will not be able to blockade islands unless they have enough fame for type of island they're after: "Renowned" for outposts, "Celebrated" for medium islands, and "Eminent" for large islands.
  • Some Hearts changes:
    • Sounds have been added.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the "shot the moon" text to leave a trail on the game board.
    • Messages will be sent to the chat box recording the direction of the pass at the start of each round.
  • Puzzle Pirates is hitting store shelves sometime this week, you may see pirates sporting a new sword or new hat that only box buyers can have.
  • The link to game documentation on the help panel will once again open up the docs using the in-game browser.
  • Fixed a bug with duty puzzle ratings that should ensure that partial leagues are always counted.
  • Tournament missions are no longer cancelled when you leave the inn.
  • Bugfix: crews can now successfully invite jobbers that applied through the mission system.
  • The layout of the pirate info page has been made nicer.
  • Sword patterns are now displayed when configuring enamels in the ordering interface.