Release 2005-08-10

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Housing and Furniture

From the Release Notes:
  • Housing and furniture shops have been added to the game.
    • Your first shack is free, after that you may purchase additional housing. There are 10 different levels of housing.
    • For a limited introductory time, 'shacks' and furniture bazaars require only one hour of labor to complete. This should help governors get things up and running as quickly as possible.
    • Shacks will be required for an island to get greenies, but are not yet required.
    • Two new commodities have been added: varnish and lacquer.
  • The number of loaded cannons is now shown in the vessel status displays next to speed/damage/bilge.
  • The Ahoy panel for new players shows days remaining in free trial, where applicable.
  • News and Events will now be shown on noticeboard even if ye are in a building.
  • Skelly fights now only start when more than 50% of the players vote to start it.
  • Fixed a bug that caused shops to sometimes publish an incorrect 'will buy' quantity for commodities.
  • Fixed some bugs with catching invalid HTML when editing news.
  • Swordfighting in the single player adventure (for box buyers) is fixed.
  • Added an option to hearts to pass left/right/across (no hold).
  • The default team size for brawls has been changed to 3 players.
  • Tailor racks are now limited to holding 2000 articles of clothing.
  • "Watch" buttons have been added to the tournament bracket display.