Release 2005-06-29

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New Drinking

From the Release Notes:
  • The drinking puzzle has been revamped. There are now mugs that may be used, similar to the way swords are used in swordfighting. Mugs have a variety of powers and can be purchased at distilleries.
  • Officers may no longer access holds, or take charts or bid tickets, unless they are the owner of the vessel in question. Officers that do not have access to the hold will get the restocking cut of the booty division delivered directly to their pocket, and may buy rum and cannonballs for ship directly out of their pocket.
  • Added a new crew rank called "Fleet Officer" that is between officer and senior officer. Fleet officers may access the holds on any unlocked vessel in the fleet.
  • Brawls and drinking games have been united into the parlor game interface. The old drinking game is now completely gone, but there is a 'classic mode' in the new drinking game.
  • Table games may be configured "local only".
  • When you get challenged to a puzzle, the puzzle type is now shown in the ahoy panel.
  • There is new code to throttle users more sensibly when the server is under heavy load.
  • The "turn-almost-over" sound has been added to Treasure Drop and is now shared by most of the turn-based games.
  • The mouse wheel can be used to change the selected tab in the 'sunshine' widget.
  • There is a new tab in games that describes the game configuration.
  • If a crew changes their booty share option after posting a job, the job is updated. All vessels will be notified of the change. Note that if a voyage was already started, the old booty share option will be in use for that voyage.
  • All npp puzzle challenges will now be unrated except for those against the npps in inns or outside on the island.
  • When booty is pitched overboard when a vessel is abandoned at sea, a message indicating such is stored in the vessel's log.
  • Chat will be limited to a few utterances every 10 seconds or so, to cut down on spamming.
  • The way preferences are stored has been changed to fix some bugs.
  • Bugfix: Swordfight watchers will no longer be informed that their "own" team won/lost when the game ends.
  • Bugfix: Swordfight watchers no longer have a delay before they can dismiss the puzzle.
  • Bugfix: many fallback options are now tried to make launching an external web page work for all users.
  • Bugfix: if vessel A was pursued by vessel B which was intercepted by vessel C, properly clear out vessel A's engagement status.
  • Bugfix: small sailing bug that caused a piece connected to a piece on a platform to drop when pieces below it were destroyed.
  • Bugfix: detect if Mac OS is not the proper version to run the game and pop up a warning, rather than booching.
  • Bugfix: fixed some bogus text when challenging an NPP.
  • Bugfix: game fonts should look better for Java 1.5 users.
  • Bugfix: don't allow building taxes to be prepaid twice when the database is a little slow.
  • Bugfix: stop showing "Internal error" on the in-game web browser when the info pages are being restarted, now a friendlier message will be shown.
  • The button clicking sound has been changed. Isn't it better?