Release 2005-04-26

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I ♥ Hearts.

From the Release Notes:
  • The card game "Hearts" has been added to the inns.
    • Ratings for the 2nd and 3rd place players are adjusted based on their closeness to first place's score, so even if you are losing, every point counts. First place is a full win, 4th place is a full loss.
    • If a player leaves Hearts early, he or she will be replaced by a handy villager. The player that left will always be rated as a loss.
    • The 'proportionate take' payout option pays out the wager based on relative points taken.
  • There is a new petition system for requesting help from an Ocean Master. Clicking 'help' on the ye panel will bring up a panel with links to documentation as well as buttons for complaining about a player, reporting a bug, and the new petition system.
  • Players who time-out making a move in the card games will have slightly less time for their next turn. This will continue until they only have a few seconds each time. This makes the game more bearable for the others, and when the missing player starts playing cards again the time will gradually shift back to the normal amount.
  • Player ordering in Spades has been changed from the matchmaking interface so that the first player on the second team will sit across from the first player on the first team.
  • Tournament listings have been altered slightly so that pending tournaments are always listed above those that have already started.
  • The last trade price is now shown in the doubloon exchange.
  • Doubloon exchange offers now expire after 10 days.
  • At the end of a wagered game, total poe won is reported rather than just the amount gained. (Example: in a two player swordfight with each player wagering 50 poe for a total of 100poe on the game, it would previously report that the winner as winning 50 poe, now 100 poe will be reported.)
  • Swabbies and navy npps will automatically leave a duty station if you try to work there.
  • There are now small informational pages about colonized islands.
  • AFK status is now shown in /who info for a player.
  • Hourglass animations in puzzles and sea battle have been made prettier.
  • Text areas on in-game web pages will no longer have goofy horizontal scrollbars and should wrap words correctly.
  • Pirates will no longer get stuck reading inscriptions on islands.
  • Fixed a bug with refunding wagers for unstarted Spades games.
  • At the beginning of a swordfight, the little red board views of human players will now be correct immediately instead of only updating after a few seconds.
  • Wagers on puzzle challenges are no longer auto-matched for the pirate accepting the challenge.
  • If a ship is out of rum during battle, the swordfighters will not fight as effectively due to their rumsickness.
  • Fixed a bug with closed shops not updating the time until destruction.
  • Fixed a bug that caused trial players to see a blue screen on login.
  • Fixed a bug with entering a Spades game that has just ended.