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Silverfur is a senior officer of the crew Your Worst Nightmare and princess of the flag Hardcore Explorers. She sails the Emerald Ocean.

Silverfur started playing September 18, 2005 on the Sage Ocean. She bummed around with the navy for about three days then decided to try pillaging with a crew when she saw the mission, this was back when you only saw 5 random missions that you qualified to do. Silverfur pillaged with three crews. The invite after the first was turned down because she wanted to know more about pillaging before joining a crew. The second pillage she was planked from because she didn't team in the swordfight. On the third pillage teaming was explained after the first swordfight and everyone was helpful and nice so when they invited her, she joined. she found herself in a crew of crazy yet friendly people with an 'Evil' captain. She had joined Hardcore Sea Ravers.

After being in the crew for about three-four days she found had the stats for pirate. When she asked about getting promotion, she was taught how to send a tell. So she asked Evilard and was promoted. She continued to read the crew info learning about PTB and restocking. She read everything she could find on being an officer after getting stuck at a league point when the only officer on logged off, she did not want to be stranded again. Silverfur spent the 30 days of her pirate badge learning everything she could about pillaging and the game. When she felt ready she sent Evilard another tell asking to be promoted to officer and after a few questions and 'orders' to ask for training, she was promoted. She got the required training and helped other officers on their ships. After four days as an officer she logged on and get a tell from Evilard asking for a word. She was decidedly scared as she had ported a ship the night before and was worried she had done something wrong. Instead she was offered promotion to fleet officer.

On her first pillage some crew members came on, even another officer. No one listened to her and her battle navigation was terrible. She was still an inexperienced officer and still learning many things. After the first battle the other officer took the helm and started running the pillage without even asking. She ran no further pillages until she had her own ship. She worked on her stats and helped crew and flag mates, as well as hearties, with their pillages. With everyone being in awe of her stats she was scared to take a ship out with good people on because she didn't want them to see how bad she was. She also didn't want less able people because they either would leave, not work, or do something other than what she needed. She tried a few more pillages but decided that she had had enough embarrassing herself in front of friends and people she respected. She was also tired of losing poe because of her bad battle navigation and the people who left when they felt like leaving. She quit running pillages and would occasionally practice battle navigation with the navy.

After being a fleet officer for nearly two months she applied for senior officer and got it after being tested and quizzed by four senior officers. She still didn't run pillages, she was afraid that another officer would take over or everyone would leave or she would do terrible. Silverfur joined Piratepapa's crew, GODS OF THUNDER, for about three to four days in late November 2005. She went back to Hardcore Sea Ravers when GODS OF THUNDER changed flags, Hardcore Explorers was too much her home. She became First Mate of Hardcore Sea Ravers shortly after because the previous First Mate left. She complained about this because it meant she lost her bilge rat title, though she was honored by the implications of receiving the title. Later she became a Lady of the flag because of her loyalty and hardwork. On March 7, 2006, after the first Blackthorpe blockades, she became Princess because the allies respected and trusted her. She also became an Ambassador of Hardcore Sea Ravers. She maintained close connections to GODS OF THUNDER when they left a second time. She put an alt into GODS OF THUNDER, mostly to pick on Piratepapa.

As an April Fool's joke Silverfur proposed herself as captain but the joke backfired, Evilard approved so long as she returned captaincy before logging off. She helped take care of the crew and flag when Evil and Symonds would be gone for a length of time. Over the summer of 2006 though trouble started brewing because of her connection to Piratepapa. He had disbanned GODS OF THUNDER and created Smoke and Fire to which she moved her alt. The issue that arose was because Smoke and Fire joined Quixotic Tangent and because of the history between Papa and Hardcore Explorers, especially Evilard and Symonds. When things came to a head in the middle of August, Silverfur left Hardcore Explorers and remained an independent pirate. While she was an independent pirate, she created a floating crew, Comin' for Ya, for a friend who was planning to to start his own flag. She later changed the name of the crew to Seekers Veritas. When flag rules changed, Silverfur rejoined Hardcore Sea Ravers and Hardcore Explorers. She was immediately ranked a senior officer and titled Ambassador but she didn't regain her status as a lady of the flag for two or three months. She didn't regain royal status until early April 2007. Silverfur went dormant in late 2007.

Silverfur came out of retirement in late March 2012 and found a great many changes to her world. Hardcore Sea Ravers was no longer in Hardcore Explorers but rather League of Light. The ocean was no longer Sage but rather Emerald, which she learned was a merge of Sage and Hunter. She found that the captain of Hardcore Sea Ravers was now Senga and that she had been demoted to fleet officer. Silverfur had to decide what she should do about these changes. She considered starting her own crew with Seekers Veritas, but she never was comfortable being captain. She thought about staying in Hardcore Sea Ravers, it had always been her home and she liked and respected Senga. However, Senga was about the only person in the crew she knew anymore and it no longer felt like home. She had a number of hearties that were coming out of retirement too and she knew she would be welcome in their crews. She finally made the decision to leave Hardcore Sea Ravers and join Your Worst Nightmare as it was still in Hardcore Explorers and she had trained many of the crew, including the captain, Dendrobia. She put her primary alt in Gods of Jack where more of the officers she had trained were making a new crew.

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