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Hardcore Sea Ravers

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Hardcore Sea Ravers at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Senga
Senior Officer(s) Anditwo, Draten, Hudapoo, Ideer, Kleenex, Spellbinding,Kleenex,Shiri,Zyre
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Great White Rebellion
Founded 20 August, 2005
Last updated on 20 January, 2017
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Hardcore Sea Ravers.jpg

Hardcore Sea Ravers is a crew that sails the Emerald Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Great White Rebellion.


History of Hardcore Sea Ravers

Hardcore Sea Ravers was originally founded on the Sage Ocean on August 20, 2005 by Evilard.

  • On April 1, 2006 Silverfur proposed an issue to promote herself to captain as an April Fool's joke. This joke backfired when Evilard approved it after making it clear that he would be captain again before she logged off that day.
  • Over Easter weekend, Silverfur was again made captain of Hardcore Sea Ravers because Evilard was going to be out of town visiting family for the holiday.
  • Silverfur was again made captain toward the end of May as something of a birthday present for Evilard, relieve him of the stress of being captain for a week.
  • At the end of July and the begining of August, Rawly was ranked captain of Hardcore Sea Ravers as Evilard was moving in real life at the time and didn't have internet access for a time.
  • In mid-August Silverfur left Hardcore Sea Ravers and became an independent pirate because of an issue concerning one of her alts. She pledged to be there when her flag needed her.
  • August 20, 2006 Hardcore Sea Ravers celebrated the crew's first birthday. The main event was a trivia contest with 50 questions. The first correct answer for each question earned a prize. The questions were on the crew's, flag's, and Evilard's history and was open to all crew members. A week before the event a clue was posted on the officer board of the Hardcore Marlin, formerly the Disgusting Marlin, that would help level the field for those who were newer to the crew.
  • In early September Silverfur returned to Hardcore Sea Ravers after settling the issue surrounding her alt and a change occuring in the flag rules.
  • Between October and December, 2006 Hardcore Sea Ravers experienced several changes in captaincy due to the fact that Evilard needed a change, and became rather busy in real life.
  • Hardcore Sea Ravers began the New Year (2007) with Curatia ranked as captain, and has continued to grow in the months that followed.
  • On July 6, 2007, Starfleet merged with Hardcore Sea Ravers.
  • On August 20, 2007, Picard hosted a party to celebrate Hardcore Sea Ravers's second birthday. Highlights of the party included a local tournament with a skull won by Evilard as a prize and a trivia contest.
  • The past year has flown by! August, 2008 the crew celebrated its 3rd birthday!! Via evolution the crew is now mainly composed of adult players looking for a shelter from the politics and drama of the game. Happy Birthday HSR, may there be many more!
  • Senga Took over captaincy in 2010 making her the 7 captain to run the great Hardcore Sea Ravers

2015 HAPPY 10 Years To Hardcore Sea Ravers!!!! Big celebration was held costing the crew a great festival with fun and games.

  • Left League of Light on November 13, 2016 and joined the flag Great White Rebellion on November 21, 2016. Earlier that day, they accidentally attacked Grand Skull Sharks from the same flag in a pvp battle ending with G.S.S disengaging after some talk with the officers in the battle.
  • Reached #3 crew fame on 8th February 2017. Most likely why the flag Great White Rebellion reached #4 in flag fame same day.


  1. Evilard
  2. Silverfur
  3. Rawly
  4. Curatia
  5. Leathal
  6. Symonds
  7. Senga

Public Statement

HSR the resurection... Join the best to be the best.

Extended Public Statement

If you have a use for the buttons, you will be given the buttons... it's that simple.

We are Hardcore and we have stood the test of time on Sage as we are one of just a small handful of crews left from the beginning of time. We are close knit; a group of friends who enjoy spending time with each other, and rocking all night long! I am Captain Senga, and if you want to take your place among the family of HSR there is no better time then now.

We are a crew that has a high skill level with officers that plunder the seas of its gold and spread the wealth and knowledge to all crew members that join in the fun. With our crew you can start as a greenie and be trained by adult minded respectful people so you can become as skilled and rich as the other great pirates of the sea.

Compete with your crew mates in private tourneys and contests. Gain skill, poe, trinkets and trophies’ so you can too be a first class officer of Sage. Gain promotion to control your own aspects of the crew structure by doing a real job with real responsibility, or just sit back and enjoy the endless show that is the Hardcore Sea Ravers.

There is no limit to the amount of officers this crew can have and we are forever on the lookout for new crew members to join us. I challenge you to contact an officer and become a Raver to see how Hardcore YOU really are…


<<<1>>> TEAMING: Simple teaming instructions - In a melee your opponent(s) is on the right side of the screen. The colored dots by the mini puzzle show how many are attacking that person, normal dots represent one person each and big, solid orange dots represent five people each. The person you are fighting will have a white outline around their mini puzzle. To change who you are fighting, click on the puzzle of the opponent you want to attack. Listen to the officer-in-charge for how many on each. For more details, read this page; http://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/Teaming.

<<<2>>> DISRESPECT: Disrespect includes ABUSE, BAD LANGUAGE, WHINING, BEGGING and SPAMMING. Leaving a ship in battle is also disrespect. ALL of these things are HATED by most people that play the game. So if you enjoy being popular and wish to do well at the game I suggest you do NONE of the above at any time. ANYONE found being disrespectful will be EXPELLED!

<<<3>>> KEEP UP TO DATE: The first thing you should do each time you logon is read the latest issues. If you have not been on in a while, sak what has been going on in the crew. Check for any changes in the crew or flag structure so you know who to ask if you need help with training or something. Make sure you know when and where the next blockade is. Don’t look a fool by asking questions that have already been answered in the issues.

<<<4>>> WHAT SHIPS AN OFFICER MAY USE: If you do not own your own ship you will need to ask permission to borrow one unless there is an unlocked ship at port and the officer statement says you may. Officers may use ships that use small cannonballs, Fleet Officers may use ships that use small or medium cannonballs, and Senior Officers may use any available ship.

<<<5>>> READ THE BULLETIN BOARD Don't get caught out by a crew member's rules on there own personal vessel, some have fines if you leave the ship somewhere they don't want it left, some have different restocking amounts, and some wish for the coffers or fruit to be left 4 them...etc. So make sure you read the board at the ships wheel before you even think about taking that vessel out to sea. If at the end of your pillage there is not enough in the coffers to restock the ship YOU will have to use your own poe to restock.

<<<6>>> WHEN AT SEA: When the vessel is at sea ALL crew on board must go to a station as quickly as they can. The CO (Commanding Officer) may plank you if you are not at a station within 60sec or if you are not working to his/her satisfaction. Anyone that gets planked may be docked poe. Persistent lazers and crew members that leave a ship when it's in battle WILL be expelled from the crew.

<<<7>>> WHO'S IN COMMAND:is in command of ship/ or is ship captain.Don't like how his/her pillage is going just hop off and enjoy the land :D

<<<8>>> IT's A GAME: This is a GAME so make it fun and try to remember that we were all green at some point... and if we're losing in a sinking blockade and your beloved War Brig goes forever to War Brig heaven... I would much rather see - "lol I got wet" than - "scupper this barnacle game!!!"... So please bear that in mind if ye are looking for promotion......

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