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Pay Vanguard for Play Alliance at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Member flag(s) Sea Change, RiddleMakers, United We Stand, Vanguard, Cervantes de Leon, Collateral Damage, Flota Memetica Imperial, Imperial Coalition, Maldita Vendetta, Pay for Play , Cry Havoc, Forbidden Utopia, The Order of Fortune, Phaeacians, Potty Pirates, Dark Sky, Dragon Masters, Colors of a Pirate, La Poste de Falcone, Rum Soaked Devils
Last updated on 6 January, 2008

The Pay Vanguard For Play Alliance was the largest alliances of 2006/2007 on the Viridian Ocean. The alliance is between many flags, however the largest three and island holding Viridian flags that were in this alliance at the time the name originated are Pay for Play, Vanguard and RiddleMakers hence the name. For a list of who currently controls the islands, see Viridian island-owning flags.

Note: That the name Pay Vanguard For Play Alliance is not the name they had for themselves, but rather one which their enemies applied to them. This name was not liked by some members of this alliance as it does not acknowledge their role in the alliance. If this alliance had a name for itself they have so far not been forthcoming with it.

The name is now also outdated as Vanguard not only left the alliance but declared war on on most of their former allies.

The following is subject to change and correction, and should not be taken as being 100% accurate.

Flags in the alliance

The following are the flags in this alliance (verify) that are celebrated or above (listed in order of current flag fame standing).

-- No longer in top fame flags

The opponents

These are the flags that oppose (verify) this alliance that are celebrated or above (listed in order of current flag standing).

-- No longer in top fame flags

Retired opponents

These flags used to oppose this alliance, however have since gone non-political and have withdrawn.


There are of course a number of flags who have never chosen either side and have stayed out of alliances, or have alliances on both side of the great divide.

Blockade History

An attempt to overthrow this alliance occurred on 14 October 2006. There were simultaneous attacks by an opposing alliance on the islands of all three flags, resulting in Vanguard losing two islands. Cochineal Island and Olive Island.

Pay For Play retaliated the next day by counter-attacking Brotherhood w-o Banners at Polaris Point and winning the island. The next weekend, Vanguard took back Olive.

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