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Unique Utopia

From YPPedia

Unique Utopia at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Rumi of Naked Freedom
Member crew(s) Birds' Utopia, Naked Freedom, Rakuen, Wanderlust
Founded 26 January, 2007
Dormant as of 25 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info

Unique Utopia is a dormant flag on the Meridian Ocean.

Public statement

We are here to have fun playing puzzles.

We are not interested in wars, and will stay away from them. However, we think competing for islands is a part of this game and it is enjoyable, and can be a fair reason to declare war on another flag. But sadly, we know there are some flags which declare war to make people say that they are sorry. We do not wish to be involved in such acts, to us, it is shameful. We certainly will not deny that there are some people we do not like, but we do not, and will not, spend time attacking them. Our solution is to just stay away from them. We believe that it is a waste of time attacking people we hate, because we are busy having fun with people we LOVE.

Love, have fun, and be happy!

~~~ to the crews which is thinking of joining us ~~~

  1. First of all, please read the statement above and understand our policy, especially that we never get involved in any wars which is not related to getting islands. So please never ask me to declare war against any flag ye don't like. If ye do, it can even cause expulsion from the flag.
  2. Please do not ask fer royalty. We are not having any more of it at the moment, although I might consider having a couple more when the flag is much bigger.
  3. 1 representative from each crew which doesn't have royalty can be titled if I see the one is nice enough and polite enough to be titled.
  4. Please never spam the flag officer chat. Most of the time, most of us are playing puzzles and hate getting distracted. Using the flag officer chat here is allowed fer "simple greetings", "asking fer jobbers", and "game related informations". Other topics which is not related to the game itself should be on the other chat channels. I DO know chatting is fun and I myself enjoy it a lot. I just want people to choose proper chat channels so that they won't ruin other people's fun.


Unique Utopia was founded in the year 2007 on January 26.

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