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This is an article about a Viridian Ocean flag. For the Hunter Ocean crew, see Spartans (Hunter crew).
Spartans at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Crx of Hellas
Member crew(s) Hellas, Diamonds are FOREVER, Satan's Army, Big Bad Bucs, Vesuvius, yhe goofy pirahnas, The Jade Armada, Demon Lords, Hollands glory
Dormant as of 9 September, 2008
Favicon.png Flag Info

Spartans was a flag in the Viridian Ocean. The flagship crew was Hellas and was run by king Crx

Flag Public Statement

Spartans have a good breakfast because we ll dine at Hell !!!

Seperated from betrayal, and dishonor, an entity has been born in the Viridian Ocean. We are the Spartans. We represent Honor, Loyalty and Unity above all greed and power. We will RISE ABOVE the forces to fight the greed that has overpowered the ocean. We will surrender to no-one! We will fight for our HONOR until the end. We are the Spartans! A new force, a new Peace, A newfound power.


  • Highest placing of 2nd in the Fame list.
  • Flag reached

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As written by Crx

Spartans is what just the name says. They are warriors, seperated from betrayal, to become one of the biggest flags. To best describe how this flag came about...I will start with Greek Armada, and Crx (king of Spartans) Crx started Greek Armada and within just a few months the crew became one of the biggest crews...He was betrayed by a member who promised great things for crew, and soon was made captain...Those things didnt happen, and so Crx, made Hellas, and because of his leadership, within a month this crew was number 1 in crew fame...Once betrayed, and still became great. Then Crx was promised great things from one of the biggest Flags. Hellas tried to help in a great blockade, one that was planned very carefully from both sides, a war that would have been a great Victory no matter what would have happened. And again Hellas was betrayed and told to surrender the blockade. Ofcourse most of crew did not listen, and fought til end, but with most of the allies doing what they where told, the blockade was a loss. But not for Hellas, they fought til the end, and Crx made decision to stop being tools for others. To be warriors like his crew had showed him they where, and so being greek, and loving the movie 300. He made Spartans, which is now 3rd in crew fame.