Monsoon Poon

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Monsoon Poon at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Iata of Kia Kaha
Member crew(s) Legends of Freedom, Adelaide and Me, Final Flame, The Bradie Bunch, We Have Crabs, Kia Kaha, Arab Strap, Gie, the pirates of shadow, Pirates of the high seas
Founded 4 May, 2007
Dormant as of 13 July, 2010
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Monsoon Poon is a flag on the Viridian Ocean founded on May 4, 2007.

Public Statement

~Monsoon Poon~ When you're part of a team, you stand up for your teammates. Your loyalty is to them. You protect them through good and bad, because they'd do the same for you.

Extended Public Statement

For as long as peace endures,
And for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I too abide
To dispel the misery of the world,
And promote the pleasures of Monsoon Poon,

"Dalai Lama" - "The Meaning of Life"

_______ [Rules] ______

(!) This flag is made to get rid of Flag Officer's Chat spam and unwanted chatter. Such as Selling/Buying advertisements, Skellies/Zombies, or mindless banter. Conversations such as "Hi, or Bye" are allowed, but no "How's Your Day?" conversations that can be taken to /tells.

(!!) Do Not send the crews random Flag invites. No one likes this, it's annoying and a pathetic show of your communication skills.

(!!!) If you want to pester or annoy us, at least use your mains, it just shows how much of a "kitty" you are when you use an alt.

_________ [History] _______

Monsoon Poon I : October 30th, 2007 - Reached Illustrious Fame.

Monsoon Poon II : November 9th, 2007 - Reached Highest Fame Rank of 2nd.

Monsoon Poon III : November 8th, 2008 - War with Antheas - (MP) 7 sinks, 4 SF wins. (Antheas) 2 sinks, 8 disengages, 2 deed swaps. (Good Game)

Monsoon Poon IV : March 21st, 2009 to April 25th, 2009 - Owned Havoc Island.