Tempest (Viridian)

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Tempest (Viridian) at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Alkymyst of CRUCIBLE
Member crew(s) Rolling Thunder, Floreat Academia, Shimmer, Momento Mori, CRUCIBLE, TMGS's Pirate Army
Dormant as of 15 September, 2008
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Tempest was a flag on the Viridian Ocean.


Tempest was created on 25th August 2006 as part of the Rolling Thunder Experiment of August/September 2006 in which the crew Rolling Thunder split into several crews (although still remaining a crew itself). These crews then joined this exclusive flag Tempest.

Further Crews

On 25th September, CRUCIBLE, led by Alkymyst, a former Rolling Thunder senior officer and co-captain, joined the flag.

Shortly after this, Boboso, a Rolling Thunder senior officer, begun a 4th Crew (Storm Legion) for the Rolling Thunder Experiment with intention to join the flag once the crew got to rumored fame level.

On 17th November 2006, Fury of the Seas, led by Krowan, joined the flag.

In December of 2006, the crew Angels of Death joined the flag under the captaincy of Piers.

Tempest in 2007

On 31st December 2006, Arc Lightning merged into Rolling Thunder. Soon after, in early January 2007, Calm before the Cyclone merged into Rolling Thunder. Shortly after this, Angels of Death also merged into Rolling Thunder.

Still in January, the crew Shimmer joined Tempest under the captaincy of Pyronator.

Theonlyuno, a senior officer of Rolling Thunder, formerly of Angels of Death, became captain of the crew Sick as a Parrot which immediately joined Tempest. However, due to difficulties, this crew too merged into Rolling Thunder.

On 19th January, 2007, the monarch alt of Lightning was replaced by Pandalink.

Between January and February 2007, the empty crews were removed from Tempest, and two new crews; Atlantis Warriors (led by Phaze), and The Warriors of God (led by Braunsdrfslv) joined the flag.

On 25th of March, 2007, the second incarnation of Arc Lightning (led this time by Piers) joined Tempest. However, on the 30th Arc Lightning merged back into Rolling Thunder, as is usual in recent history for this crew. Atlantis Warriors merged into Rolling Thunder at the end of April.

In May of 2007 Pandalink decided to spend less time ingame and Smellysmell was made monarch.