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Nanuq at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Neegig of Borealic Storm
Member crew(s) Borealic Storm, Severity
Founded 11 February, 2006
Dormant or disbanded as of 15 February, 2011
Favicon.png Flag Info

Nanuq was a flag on the Viridian Ocean. It was originally formed on 11th of February 2006, but was disbanded. Upon its disbandment, the flag Scupper the Ringers was formed. On the 11th of February 2008 (two years after it was originally formed) it was reformed.


History of the Flag

The flag Nanuq was founded by 4 members from the crew Confederation Storm: Stocker, Stevesevere, Neegig, and Armadillosky. Upon its foundation, Stevesevere took over as its first monarch and named the flag after the Inuit word for "Polar Bear".

From August to December 2006 the flag was a democracy and had an electoral process to select its monarchs. However, the democratic system was abandoned due to a lack of candidates who were interested in running for monarch.

Past monarchs of the flag
Monarch From To
Stevesevere February 11, 2006 March 7, 2006
Neegig March 7, 2006 April 1, 2006
Stevesevere April 1, 2006 August 11, 2006
Kazha August 11, 2006 October 11, 2006
Cutthroatale October 11, 2006 December 27, 2006
Stevesevere December 27, 2006 First Disbandment, c. May 2007
Neegig February 11, 2008 Second Disbandment

Royalty and Titled membership within the Flag

All crews were allowed one titled member, selected by the captain of the crew. When a crew achieved a standing of Noted & Scurvy Dogs that title was promoted to royal and they could select a replacement titled member. Royalty was lost if both standing and fame dropped below Noted & Scurvy Dogs.


Nanuq allied itself closest to Pay for Play and Imperial Coalition. Other alliances must have generally conformed to those flags' alliances as well.

The flag had no immediate plans for blockading any island.

Second Incarnation

The current flag is led by Neegig of Borealic Storm (Once Confederation Storm, the former of the original Nanuq). For a few months prior to the forming of Nanuq, Borealic Storm's public statement heralded its coming.

Public Statement

ALLIANCES: We are a support flag for our allies. Politically, we are neutral but we always side with our direct alliances first. In the case of ally vs. ally situations, we do not take sides. All alliance negotiations and communication are handled through a person who is a designated ambassador.

WAR: We do not return war declarations under any circumstances. Instead we laugh and taunt the would be attacker and feel honored that we have that much control over the aggressor's emotions. Pacifism is not necessarily weakness. That being said, our long term goal is to eventually take over a BK owned outpost.

AMBASSADORSHIP: Titled Members and royals are each an ambassador to an alliance flag. Royals are ambassodors to island-controlling flags and also need to demonstrate an advanced understanding of political skills.

FO CHAT: We encourage friendly banter and randomness on our FO chat as that is how we get to know one another and grow as a family. However, all chat should be kept to PG standards. FO spam is not allowed in excess of once per 10 minutes. If the blue gets to be too much, we ask that you use a chat parser instead of repeatedly complaining. If anyone does complain, it is courteous to use tells if possible.

CREW BENEFITS: Any crew may borrow any type ship available to use for a period of time. Deeds are not exchanged, rather an alt is placed in the crew who holds the deed.

MEMBER BENEFITS: All members earn poe from participating in forum discussions. Officers who are interested in political positions have easy access to get involved without discrimination or flag imposed limitations. However, positions are not freely given, they need to be earned and maintained.

FORUM MEMBER BENEFITS: Any member in our forum can earn doubloons for sharing petition responses. Our forum has arcade games available so you can compete with others for a high score.

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