Rum Soaked Devils

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Rum Soaked Devils at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Monarch Ytsim of The Rum Rats
Member crew(s) Bandits, Conquering Rome, Cranky Bananas, Ducha De Oro, Fenrir's Fangs, Nobody Wants Your Eggs, Oral Misconduct, Rum Filled Skies, The Rum Rats, Unscrupulous Rumrunners, We Don't Want You
Founded 28 December, 2012
Allies The Black Flock, Heisenberg's Uncertainty
Wars None
Last updated on 6 December, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Rum Soaked Devils was a flag built from the fun-loving crew The Rum Rats that actively pillaged around the Viridian Ocean. Founded in late 2006, the flag gained a reasonable amount of fame and a well sized group of awesome pirates that all worked together for the same goals: Fun, Rum and Poe - HURRAR! After 5 long years of battling against the odds, the flag was eventually merged into Antheas, the glory and reputation of the Rum Soaked Devils will never be forgotten.

Then, in December of 2012, the flag was created anew.

Flag Ships - Devils Fist and Partius' array of Grunion Ships


Started with Robpowell commanding the flag until late 2007 when certain deadlines and timetable changes caused the latest captain of The Rum Rats, Cookied - to take over for a short amount of time which led to many advances in the flags alliances and numbers.

Also experienced senior officers Partius, Seapigeon, Bryna, Ayr and Chimpie (original founders of the flag along with Robpowell and Cookied) have alot of input into the running of the flag.

Robpowell stepped up once again to become King of the Rum Soaked Devils whilst Partius returned to his Captaincy of the Rum Rats with his typical Pirate King style.

Partius returned to the monarchy, commanding the flag from the beginning of 2013 to June 2014.


Formed early in the year 2007, an aspiring group of pirates suddenly thought owning an island would make aquiring rum easier and generally allow said pirates to make a mess without worrying about upsetting the owners of Sakejima Island and Lima Island. So the flag was born.

Made many allies, and won a number of blockade events around the Jade Archipelago

In June 2008, the Rum Soaked Devils won Viridis Island on the Jade Archipelago in a one round event blockade to celebrate the RiddleMakers birthday, fending off fearsome competition, Robpowell took over as Governor.

After losing Viridis Island in early 2009, the Rum Soaked Devils blockaded and won Dendrite Island from Cool Side of the Pillow in February 2010.


Cookied / Robpowell now handle all alliance issues and should be contacted on them.

Public statement

Looking for pillaging crews to join our awesome flag, titled to all captains. Defiance forever!

Member of the 'Alliance of Defiance'

Ahoy Mates! and Welcome to the 'Rum Soaked Devils'. We're a Flag dedicated to making the Ocean as much fun as we can, whether it be Pillaging, Atlantis or Flotillas! All Crews new and old are more than welcome to come and join our growing ranks of great Pirates! We are currently building up our fleet and poe for a new blockade!

We reserve the right to demand Disengages by Crews of Allied Flags, and we respect the right of Crews of our Allied Flags to demand the same from us.

If you have been invited without being spoken to, just look at what we have to offer and we apologise if there was no-one on to talk to at the time of invite. While our Flag respects both Crew Size, and a Crews Capability, We will not offer Royal positons to new Crews. Within the Rum Soaked Devils, the position of Royal is one earnt, not given. There are multiple ways to earn this role in our great flag, but it must be founded on LOYALTY.

However, All Crews will be given at least one titled member, with more being negotiable. Additonal Titled Positions may be offered to members of the Flag who have actively participated and aided the Flag in its endeavours. If you would like to join our Flag, contact an online Royal, or if that isn't possible, a Titled Member, who will pass a message onto a Royal.

Support: The founding crew, The Rum Rats, will loan out ships to crews within the flag, if and when they need them, under the conditions that they dont get sunk and they return to us stocked as they were upon being loaned out. (Deed will be on a secondary or tertiary account, that will join your crew as an officer).

Blockades & Allies: We will help allies defend Islands. This incudes jobbers mainly - but maybe more if we are particularly close allies. We are a member of the 'Alliance of Defiance'.

- Rum Soaked Devils Yours, Cookied, Robpowell and Partius