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Limited edition ship prices

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An Alice Sloop's bilge station (85k) compared to a Jungle Sloop's bilge station (28k).

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This page lists all known limited edition ships in chronological order complete with their original shipyard sale prices.

The current resale price of a limited edition ship will vary depending on demand, how many are for sale, age of the ship and other factors. The original sale prices, however, are a good starting point for finding the low end of how much a limited edition ship can cost.

Game design and historical aspects

The original sale prices of limited edition ships are a unique window into the game's history. Limited edition ships have changed a lot over time with new floor plans, altered themes, and extra bells and whistles being added and changed by Three Rings as the years have gone by. In general, older ships have more simple designs than newer ones. Looking at the limited edition ships chronologically gives a window into how the designs have evolved.

Another interesting game design choice shown by the limited edition ship prices is in the prices themselves. In order to keep ships that either contain items of great in-game value or are very unusual and less "pirate-y" from overrunning the game, the more unusual the ship is, the more it cost when purchased from the shipyard.

For example, the Jungle Sloop with it's theme of monkeys and tropical islands fits nicely in the game which is why it is one of the least expensive sloops on the list. In contrast, the Alice sloop is one of the most expensive limited edition sloops due to it's theme having almost nothing to do with pirates with almost nothing similar to it previously existing in the game. The practice of pricing things higher to keep the game's feel consistent is also seen with ship renames in the Rogue mark shop.

Date Name Price Type
12/09 Frost Sloop 30k Sloop
1/10 Midas Grand Frigate 1.2m Grand Frigate
2/10 Cupid War Brig 90k War Brig
3/10 Emerald Sloop 40k Sloop
4/10 Imperial War Frigate 130k War Brig
5/10 Verdant Cutter 120k Cutter
6/10 Inferno Sloop 50k Sloop
8/10 Midas Sloop 65k Sloop
9/10 Imperial War Brig 100k War Brig
10/10 Phantom Sloop 30k Sloop
11/10 Harvest Sloop 40k Sloop
12/10 Gingerbread War Brig 120k War Brig
1/11 Fortune Junk 60k Junk
2/11 Cupid Sloop 40k Sloop
4/11 Verdant Sloop 65k Sloop
6/11 Wondrous Xebec 175k Xebec
7/11 Lagoon Sloop 40k Sloop
8/11 Inferno War Brig 100k War Brig
9/11 Ancient Sloop 50k Sloop
10/11 Phantom War Frigate 150k War Frigate
11/11 Harvest Cutter 50k Cutter
12/11 Gingerbread Sloop 35k Sloop
1/12 Dragon Fanchuan 40k Fanchan
2/12 Chocolate Sloop 38k Sloop
3/12 Bardic Sloop 25k Sloop
4/12 Steam Sloop 50k Sloop
6/12 Casino Sloop 50k Sloop
7/12 Smuggler Sloop 30k Sloop
8/12 Tiburon Sloop 38k Sloop
9/12 Vampire Sloop 40k Sloop
10/12 Skelly Sloop 42k Sloop
11/12 Gunpowder Sloop 56k Sloop
12/12 Casino War Frigate 250k War Frigate
1/13 Hunter Sloop 48k Sloop
2/13 Serpent Sloop 75k Sloop
3/13 Valkyrie Sloop 57k Sloop
4/13 Smuggler War Brig 80k War Brig
7/13 Alice Sloop 85k Sloop
9/13 Roister Sloop 67k Sloop
10/13 Skelly War Brig 100k War Brig
11/13 Celestial Sloop 56k Sloop
1/14 Blizzard Sloop 40k Sloop
3/14 Dream Sloop 48k Sloop
4/14 Jungle Sloop 28k Sloop
6/14 Crimson Sloop 30k Sloop
12/14 Yuletide Sloop 54k Sloop
3/15 Verdant Baghlah 95k Baglah
5/15 Calamity Cutter 70k Cutter
Shipyard Ship
Sloop (Mark II, Alice, Ancient, Arctic, Bardic, Blizzard, Casino, Celestial, Chocolate, Crimson, Cupid, Cursed, Dark, Defiant,
Dream, Emerald, Explorer, Frost, Funhouse, Gingerbread, Gold, Gunpowder, Harvest, Howl, Hunter,
Inferno, Jungle, Lagoon, Legendary, Lovestruck, Midas, Olympus, Phantom, Rogue, Roister, Scrooge,
Serpent, Shadow, Skelly, Smuggler, Steam, Tiburon, Torrid, Tropic, Undead, Valkyrie, Vampire, Verdant, Yuletide)
Cutter (Calamity, Harvest, Verdant) | Dhow (Rogue) | Fanchuan (Dragon)
Longship (Frost) | Baghlah (Verdant) | Merchant brig | Junk (Fortune)
War brig (Cupid, Dark, Gingerbread, Gold, Haunted, Imperial, Inferno, Rogue, Skelly, Smuggler)
Merchant galleon | Xebec (Wondrous) | War galleon (Quest, Shadow)
War frigate (Atlantean, Casino, Dark, Gold, Imperial, Phantom, Rogue) | Grand frigate (Midas, Rogue)

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