Labyrinth Moors (Cerulean)

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Labyrinth Moors
Favicon.png Labyrinth Moors on the Cerulean Ocean
Large island in the Onyx Archipelago
Labyrinth Moors (Cerulean).png

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Controlled by   Babylon  
Governed by   Majorjr
Navy color   Blue
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Outpost Medium Large
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Labyrinth Moors is a large island located in the Onyx Archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Ansel Island, Polaris Point, Sapling Island, and Yax Mutal.

Natural resources

This island spawns masuyite and sugar cane.


Labyrinth Laboratories (bazaar)
Blackmagic Potions (upgraded)
Circe's Brew
Spirits of the Gods (upgraded)
Antisthenes Treasure Drop (upgraded)
Commodities market
Minoan Market (upgraded)
Bacchus Brew (bazaar)
Ambrosia (upgraded)
Aphrodite's Absinthe (upgraded)
Bacchus and Barleycorn (upgraded)
Dionysus Drunks (upgraded)
Rhea's Pub (upgraded)
Estate agent
Labyrinth Depot (upgraded)
Trojan Thrones (bazaar)
Athena's Arts (upgraded)
Delights of the Gods (upgraded)
House of Thrones (upgraded)
Corinthian Condos (left-facing row house)
Daedalus Dwellings (left-facing shack)
Eros' Estates (left-facing estate)
Hestia's Hideaway (left-facing pirate hall)
Hieros Kepos (left-facing villa)
Manor of the Minotaur (left-facing manor)
Oedipus Duplex (right-facing townhouse)
Parthenon Galleries (left-facing gallery)
Sweet Dreams Are Made of Thebes (right-facing cottage)
Sirens' Coast (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Fires of Hephaestus (bazaar)
Achilles' Fault (upgraded)
Ares' Armory (upgraded)
Cyclops Balls (upgraded)
Ragnarok (upgraded)
Olympus (upgraded)
Sails o: f Neptune (bazaar)
Blackorpheus (upgraded)
Charon's Ferries (upgraded)
Eurydice Shipping
Hellenic Revenge (upgraded)
Herculean Vessels (upgraded)
Labyrinth of Lifeboats (upgraded)
Pelagic Pegasus (upgraded)
Poseidon's Trident
Aphrodite's Secret (bazaar)
Pandora's Rack (upgraded)
Threads of Rhapso (upgraded)
Uranus' Underwear (upgraded)
Weave it to Zeus (bazaar)
Clotho Cloth (upgraded)
Fate Unwoven
Moirae Madrigal (upgraded)
Dusted buildings
Apollo's Chitons (upgraded tailor)
Aphrodite's Apparel (tailor)
Arachne's Spiderworks (upgraded weavery)
Discount Clotho (upgraded tailor)
Fabrics of the Fates (upgraded weavery)
Hades Hoard (trading post)
Hammered Scotsman (iron monger)
Hecate's Closet (upgraded tailor)
Hercules' Hangover (upgraded distillery)
Hermes' Hops (upgraded distillery)
Hull and Crossbones (upgraded shipyard)
Nyx's Knock-offs (black market)
Pan's Wheelhouse (shipyard)
Silenus's Swill (distillery)
Varuna's Celestial Vessels (upgraded shipyard)
Yay Ionia (upgraded shipyard)


Labyrinth Moors was originally located on the Cobalt Ocean. On the northeastern part on the second line of rocks that outline a path, an inscription reads, "This island were fashioned by Waterbug."

Labyrinth I – 2006-04-29, Ascension colonize Labyrinth Moors in an Uncontested Blockade.

Labyrinth II – 2006-05-21, Ascension defend Labyrinth Moors from A Song For The Deaf.

On 2006-06-19, the island was converted from medium to large.[1]

Sometime during September the island was transferred to Hydrophobia as the flag Ascension merged.

Labyrinth III – 2006-08-07, Imperial Margarine takes Labyrinth Moors from Hydrophobia.

On November 20th Labyrinth Moors was transferred from Imperial Margarine to National Pirate Radio.

Labyrinth IV - 2007-03-31, National Pirate Radio successfully defend Labyrinth Moors from Elements of Fear.

Labyrinth V - 2007-06-03, All Hands On Deck takes Labyrinth Moors from National Pirate Radio following a drop from What The Falchion.

Labyrinth VI - 2007-06-29, The Widow Queen defeats All Hands On Deck and becomes the first Brigand King to own an island on Cobalt.

Labyrinth VII - 2007-08-12, Firestorm fails to take Labyrinth Moors from the clutches of The Widow Queen.

Labyrinth VIII - 2007-09-01, Firestorm takes Labyrinth Moors from The Widow Queen in a five round blockade.

Labyrinth IX - 2007-11-10, Oceanus Expeditus defeats Firestorm and takes control of Labyrinth Moors in a four round blockade.

In January 2008, Buildus Shipicus Shipyard was dusted by Cohog.

On February 22, 2008, Neorion Nauticals Shipyard was dusted by Cohog.

Labyrinth X - 2008-03-08, The Flying Dutchmen defeat Oceanus Expeditus and take control of Labyrinth Moors in a three round blockade.

Labyrinth XI - 2009-01-18, Castaway Cove defeated The Flying Dutchmen to take control of Labyrinth Moors in a three round blockade.

Labyrinth XII - 2009-01-31, Wench defeated Castaway Cove to take control of Labyrinth Moors in a four round sinking blockade.

Labyrinth XIII - 2010-09-11, Wench defeats Gretchen Goldfang in a 3-1 blockade to defend island.

Labyrinth XIV - 2010-10-30, Maniacal Menagerie takes control of Labyrinth Moors after a three round (friendly) defense from Super Awesomeness, allies of Wench.

Labyrinth XV - 2010-12-18, Maniacal Menagerie successfully defends Labyrinth Moors in a 3-0 blockade against BLIND DATE.

Labyrinth XVI - 2011-05-01, Maniacal Menagerie defends Labyrinth Moors from an attack from Admiral Finius.