Poseidon's Trident

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Poseidon's Trident at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Cyaspy
Senior Officer(s) Ilovgirls, Kraofsoul, Neonx, Radeonn, Reunited, Seadogjim, Traian, Ihatewhitey, Juelzsantaz, Klew, Muurphie
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Sons of the Gods
Founded 1 April, 2007
disbanded as of 21 May, 2009
Favicon.png Crew Info

Poseidon's Trident was a crew on the Hunter Ocean which belonged to the flag Sons of the Gods. The crew had been founded on April 1st, 2007, by Cyaspy with the help of Neonx. Originally it used to be in the flag Sparrow's Revenge. Passing through a few flags it finally founded its own flag, Sons of the Gods.

Public Statement

ARR... Poseidon raises his Trident and the whole sea shakes! Behold!

Extended Public Statement

arrr.... welcome to a fine crew.

ranks: Pirate: 1 broad and 1 distinguished -time needed for rank: 1 second! :)

Officer: 4 broads atleast (solid doesnt count as 2 broads and so on) -time needed for rank: 3 days

FO: ship and 2 solids 4 broads 4 respected or more -time needed to rank: 1 day- 3 weeks (depends)

SO: only picked by cap, this is not a rank you get to only by skills, but mainly by my trust, loyalty and time spent in crew. -time needed to rank: -none- (SOs picked by me)



2. do not shout unless you are officer and above

3. dont ask to be promoted unless you are sure you have the requirments for that rank

4. no self promoting. its just stupid.

5. titles are given if you are the best in the crew at a given skill or if you pay may 1000 Poe and choose a title thats NOT TAKEN!!!

6. abandoning ships at sea will result at pay to ship owner for restock.

7. no crow nests in pillys. no lazers. dont ask to port. dont ask to gun if your under master. dont team up all on 1!

8. each title has its own benefit. Gunner can gun atumatically etc.... but strategist may not bnav unless agreed with the pilly leader! You can do your title skill whenever you like.

the most important rule is to have fun! because all the stats and PoE and all that arent worth a thing if you dont enjoy ur time playing YPP!


Originally starting with 2 sloops, Poseidon's Trident now has 9 sloops and a merchant brig. Other ships in this crew's past were 2 dhows, 2 cutters and a war frigate.

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