Maniacal Menagerie

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Maniacal Menagerie at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Nymeria of Mischievous Drifters
Member crew(s) AdventureLand, Axis Analemma, BOP, The Dogs Of War, DrumLine, Full Frontal], Fun Like Fear, Mischievous Drifters, Navegadores, Pirateaholics Anonymous, Playing With Fire, Play Things, The Red Brotherhood, Silent Terror, Six Pounders, Voodoo Heart, Yuunagi
Founded 1 January, 2007
Relatively dormant as of 1 July, 2014
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Maniacal Menagerie is currently a relatively dormant flag on the Cerulean Ocean. It was founded on January 1, 2007 on Cobalt.


After the creation of Mischievous Drifters, Nymeria decided to create Maniacal Menagerie to bring together several other crews who share the same ambitions for epic adventures on the seas. Under the flag, they went on to take control of Eta Island, Islay of Luthien, Ostreum Island, Turtle Island and Harmattan Island; providing resources and fun to all.

In 2012, the historic Midnight Ocean flag Dies Irae merged into MM, bringing with it Eta and Turtle Islands.

In 2013, the Dies Irae members left the flag, taking some islands with them, with the rest being lost in uncontested blockades, all in a single weekend. Most pirates in the flag went dormant after these defeats.

Public statement

We don't just embrace insanity here. We feel it up, french kiss it and then buy it a drink.

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