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Current Status

Greaper is currently a senior officer of the crew Show Stoppers and a member of the flag Legacy.

The Journey of Time

Greaper started on March 16, 2005. Soon after he became a senior officer of -Dark Legacy-, of the flag Shadow Company, in April of 2005. Taking a short change in July of 2005 to the crew Treasure Hunters, he took a short break in September of 2005. On his return he joined as a senior officer in the crew Rebel Crusaders, of the flag Ocean Lords, in October 2005. Taking a short two month break in late October to go to Sage, he returned to Rebel Crusaders. After Rebel Crusaders merged with Reality of Pay for Play in November of 2007, he switched to Selenium Skies of Vanguard. He became captain of Selenium Skies on December 27, 2007. In February of 2008 he made the move to lord in Vanguard and shortly after the return of Antix and leaving of Martobain, he became prince. On September 13, 2008 the first chance to be a governor came with the winning of Dendrite Island. After a falling out with various Vanguard royals and year long love of Whiterose in late September of 2009, Greaper left to go crewless. Shortly thereafter, he joined up with Julaxis as a senior officer and Prince in Regnum Irae. It didn't last long. In early December the constant idleness of Julaxis and Regnum Irae got to Greaper, prompting a move to Show Stoppers.

Contributions and Awards

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Bake Off History

Bake Offs Around all Oceans
Puzzle Ocean Placed Awarded Item 1 Awarded Item 2 Date Event
Sailing Cobalt Third Stone figurine White ribbon 3/17/08 Pick-Your-Puzzle Bake-Off
Sage Fifth Bronze fish Mint lily 4/8/08 Lunchtime Bake Club!
Cobalt Eighth Scarab Lavender rose 4/9/08 Lunchtime Bake Club!
Viridian Seventh Mint clam N/A 4/19/08 Impromptu Bake off
Carpentry Viridian Fourteenth Mint daisy N/A 4/11/08 Lunchtime Bake Club!

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Racing History

Races Placed in on the Viridian Ocean
Race Name Placed Awarded Item(s) Date Race Notes
Great Race Frenzy Second1 Silver w/red ribbon ship medal 1/13/08 36 leagues
1 midway stop
New Years Party Mix-up Second Renamed sloop Mixed-up Shindagi
Silver w/black+pink ribbon plain pin
1/20/08 78 leagues
5 midway stops
Sprinting Sloop Race Third Lodestone compass
Two bronze w/maroon ribbon ship medals2
9/28/08 26 leagues
3 midway stops
Octopi Trick or Treat Sloop Race Third3 Lime/lime skeleton table
Two lime/lime skeleton chairs 4
10/18/08 53 leagues
6 midway stops
  1. Under the team of Moedefoe - 6 way tie, 47 minutes
  2. One Ship Medal given to Whiterose
  3. Four way tie for third - 70 minutes - Considered placing 4th
  4. Awarded fourth place prizes and no bronze ship medal

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@ All races were done with a sloop unless otherwise noted || midway stops are ports required between start and finish

Familiar Tournament History

Familiar Tournaments around all Oceans
Game Type Ocean Placed Awarded Item Date Format Occasion
Drinking Viridian First Tan octopus 8/2/06 2500/4, double elimination, BYO Automated
Hunter First Tan octopus1 8/6/06 2500/4, double elimination, BYO Automated
Viridian Second Turtle 10/12/07 2500/4, double elimination, BYO Automated
Viridian Third Bronze neckband 10/21/07 1000/5, single elimination, no mug Automated
Viridian Third Bronze neckband2 11/17/07 1000/5, single elimination, no mug Automated
Viridian Forth Ribbon (mint/gold) 3/24/08 Classic/4 Spring colors
Viridian Second Pig 5/3/08 2/3 2500/4, single elimination, BYO Automated
Viridian Second Pig 5/12/08 2/3 2500/4, single elimination, BYO Automated
Hunter First Tan octopus3 7/24/08 Classic/5, double elimination Automated
Viridian Fourth Lavender starfish 3/29/09 2/3 2000/5, single elimination, BYO Automated
Viridian Third Rose clam shell 5/05/09 2/3 2000/5, single elimination, pitcher Automated
Sage Second Bronze fish 6/8/09 2/3 1500/4, single elimination, horn Automated
Malachite Third Lemon clam shell 7/6/09 2/3 1500/4, single elimination, horn Automated
Viridian Second Ancient calendar 3/23/10 2/3 2000/5, single elimination, stein Automated
Viridian First Tan monkey 3/31/11 Board stained, single elimination, BYO Automated/
Hot Shot
Meridian First Tan monkey 7/10/16 Board stained, single elimination, BYO Automated
Meridian First Yellow monkey 7/20/16 2500/5, double elimination, BYO Monthly Colored/
Poolside Drinks
Swordfighting Viridian Third Spear head 11/17/07 2/3, double elimination, BYO Automated
Viridian Third Lemon knobby coral 6/1/09 2/3, random scimitar Automated
Treasure Drop Midnight First Tan/maroon parrot4 8/1/06 30/holes, single elimination Automated
Sage Fourth Light blue starfish 5/18/09 2/3, turbo, 4th halved, single elimination Automated
Viridian Fourth Light blue starfish 4/5/10 2/3, turbo, 4th halved, single elimination Automated
  1. Traded for one of Silverdawg's monkeys on Viridian; Later Stolen
  2. Traded to Moedefoe for ancient rumjug and ancient bust artifacts
  3. Sold to Sydex
  4. Sold to Durfin

@ All dates follow (month/day/year) || Matches are singles unless otherwise noted || BYO = Bring Your Own

Olympic Champions League History

OCL's participated in on the Viridian Ocean
Season Event Team (letter) Season Record
Playoff Record**
Season Place (group*)
Playoff Finish**
Six Drinking Foul Play (K) 18-3 1
0-2 2
White nautilus shell
Seven Swordfighting Super Ninja Kittycat Gangsters (Q) 24-18 Fifth (A) None
Sea Battle Marto's Conception (L) 20-8 (4-1-2) Third (1) None
  1. All games played with Moedefoe.
  2. Greaper did not play in the final.

@ *if applicable; **Left blank if playoffs not made; All team names link to the events Yppedia page.

Ocean Wide Seasonal Events

Seasonal Competitions on Viridian only
Year Event Team Placed Awarded Item
2006 Fight Club Smash Brotherhood Sixth River belt**
Foot Brawl Sun Kings Fourth Fourth place cup**
Arrrmageddon Voodoo Crew First Doomsday clock**
2007 Ye Dread Dead Ectoplasmic Exorcisers Sixth Zombie chowder
Reindeer Games Comet First Sleigh captain
2008 Pirate Summer Games Cerberus Second Glittering gold
Trick-Arrr-Treat! Lollipop Licking Lycanthropes Fifth Sanctified bilge water
Yuletide Bake-off! Holiday Trifle Second Jack Frost's Egg Blizzarder
2009 Rise of the Vampires! Lurking Nosferatu Fifth Tinted spectacles
A Pirate Carol Ghosts of Holidays Past First Prize holiday goose
2010 Pirate Winter Games Cerberus Third Shivering silver
Wraithly Raiders Shadowy Shades First Gilded spirit board
Ye Jolly Toymakers Boreal Brownies Fourth Apprentice's stuffing and paints

@ ** denotes trinkets


As an avid collector of trinkets from all over the game, at this link resides the current collection:

Greaper's Trinket Collection


Various interesting and rare pieces of furniture have come into Greaper's possession and the collection is here:

Greaper's Furniture Collection

Greaper's Pirates on All Oceans

  • Cobalt: Greaper
  • Hunter: Anviloffury
  • Malachite: Greaper
  • Midnight: Kapitan
  • Opal: Greaper
  • Sage: Greaper
  • Viridian: Greaper (main)


Videos of Greaper doing Duty and Crafting Puzzles
Type Puzzle Video 1 Video 2
Piracy Bilging Bilging one Bilging two
Sailing Sailing one []
Navigation Navigating one Navigating two
Gunnery Gunning one []
Carpentry Carpentry one Carpentry two
Treasure Haul Hauling one Hauling two
Crafting Distilling [] []
Alchemy [] []
Shipwrighting Shipwright one Shipwright two
Blacksmithing [] []
Foraging Foraging one Foraging two
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