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Olympic Champions League
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This article explains what the OCL is and details its previous winners. For information on the upcoming league, see OCL Rules and other articles in the OCL category.

Olympic Champions League (OCL) is an occasionally-active league lasting several weeks in which teams compete twice a week against each other. In the past, there have been several different leagues; the most recent season had a Team Brawl league, a Team Sea Battle league and a Team Drinking league.

Unlike a regular real-time event this league allows for more people to compete since everyone can specify when they are available and plan matches accordingly.

Registration, match-ups, result reporting, and the league table all take place in the Events! forum. There is a thread for the rules and a thread for each league to report results and view current team statistics. League stats are updated by player volunteers. Scheduling is a combined effort of Artemis and Apollo (formerly Poseidon and Artemis).

Previous Winners

Each member of a winning team receives a white familiar (parrots for the Team Brawl winners, monkeys for the Sea Battle winners, and octopodes for the Team Drinking winners). Note that Team Drinking was not an event until Season 2, and that before Season 6 the familiars were temporary (they were re-awarded retroactively with the coming of Season 6, however).[1] Season 7 split Team Brawl into separate Team Swordfighting and Team Rumble events - parrots were awarded for Team Swordfighting winners, and serpents were awarded for Team Rumble winners. Unfortunately, season 7 was canceled due to poor turnout before the drinking competition could be run.[2] In addition, some of the familiar prizes were not awarded, for the same reason.

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