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Antix (originally named as a play on "antics") started on the Midnight Ocean on February 9, 2005, with a 7 day free trial. He was a member of the crew Soaring Gulls during this time.

He has played on multiple oceans governing 13 different islands over a period of 15 years, he is known for his involvement in politics and blockading. He is most prominent for founding and leading successful blockading flags on several different doubloon oceans, as well as his longevity in the game.

He frequently cited Looseweed of Notorious Fandango and Thanos of Crimson Tide as his inspirations for becoming involved in the political scene of Puzzle Pirates. Looseweed being known for trying to shake up the "establishment" and prevent the stagnation of island sitting flags. Thanos known for his ability to cause friction with the community and what some people considered toxic characteristics.

Antix would go on to become the first non-Ocean Master to govern a large island in doubloon ocean history, after winning the blockade of Kirin Island upon it's opening in June 2005. A feat he is known to repeat to anyone who will listen to this day.

Since late 2019, Antix has retired from the game. Antix can now be found late at night hunched over the hon, frequenting discord group chats, reminiscing days of old. Upon multiple inquiries on whether he would ever return to the game, he says "You’re not wrong tbh the urge to play again and blockade is strong but I’m also a married father of one who can’t commit my entire week to preparing for cades and 5-6hrs in a Saturday to cades it’s pretty brutal".

Viridian Ocean

Early beginnings

Antix arrived on the shores of Viridian in February 2005 and was quickly recruited to the first ever crew created on Viridian, Aventurines of the flag Quartz Pagoda where training was being provided to new players by Median and her senior officer Maharet.

He spent four weeks receiving Officer training from Median, eventually becoming aware of other aspects to the game in particular blockades and flag politics both of which Quartz Pagoda made clear they had no intention of participating in.

As Quartz Pagoda was founded as a non-political flag with the sole purpose of training and recruiting new players, Antix saw this as an opportunity to start his own flag and crew.

The rise of Infierno De los Diablos

After learning the ropes as a sea faring officer, Antix founded the flag Infierno De los Diablos ("Hell of the Devils") in early March 2005 with the view of becoming involved in politics and blockading. He formed an alliance with Akumu of Moros de Mindanao who also provided guidance politically.

He received his first experience of blockading when supporting Moros de Mindanao in their successful blockade of Olive I the first island opening on the Viridian Ocean.

On April 30, 2005, Antix led Infierno De los Diablos into battle at Prolix I against the mighty Scupperer and his flag Scuppering Seven Seas, both flags fought hard in the 3 round sinking blockade, however Scuppering Seven Seas ultimately prevailed.

On June 25, 2005, Kirin Island was announced to become the first large island to be open to blockading. Infierno De los Diablos won the blockade of Kirin I in three rounds uncontested. Antix became the first non-Ocean Master to govern a large island in doubloon ocean history. He installed a devil naming island theme to coincide with his flag name, this caused some controversy within the Viridian community at the time.

On July 17, 2005, an old foe in Scuppering Seven Seas declared a blockade on Kirin Island, a decision was made to not reciprocate the war declaration to prevent heavy ship losses to a more experienced and resourced Scupperer. This became the first blockade to last five rounds, with Infierno De los Diablos winning two and Scuppering Seven Seas winning three, ultimately losing control of the island.

Following this loss the decision was ultimately made to use a double blockade drop strategy to counter the experienced forces led by Scupperer, and use Scuppering Seven Seas’ multiple island ownership against them.

On August 6, 2005, two blockades were declared to run simultaneously on Kirin Island and Prolix Purlieu both of which were held by Scuppering Seven Seas. Infierno De los Diablos were able to win back Kirin Island in a three round sinking blockade.

However only a short time later on August 28th 2005 the island would be lost again, this time to former allies Pay for Play at the time led by Tristan and Cyndiepet.

Antix would later go on to lead his flag to taking control of Harmattan Island after defeating Subliminal and his flag Fear and Loathing in a three round sinking blockade. This led to a public fallout on the forums in which insults were traded back and forth between both monarchs, due to Antix winning control of the Inn construction site that Subliminal had started.

In October 2005 a meeting was held between Antix and Scupperer in order to broker a deal, during these negotiations it was agreed Scuppering Seven Seas would transfer the large Terra Island to Infierno De los Diablos in return for the medium sized Harmattan Island, and Antix would give the Inn on Harmattan back to Subliminal.

Infierno De los Diablos used this opportunity to begin building and selling multiple shoppes on Terra Island to boost the flag coffers, this received some criticism publicly as people felt the island was being built on too fast.

On January 22, 2006, Antix led Infierno De los Diablos to a successful five round island defence on Terra Island against the flags Riddlemakers and Confusion.

In an apparent act of treason Macgreggor who formed part of the royalty team within Infierno De los Diablos, founded a flag The Syndicate alongside the well known PvP navigator Calais, with the intention of blockading his former flag.

On February 12, 2006, The Syndicate declared a blockade on Terra Island. Due to real life circumstances, Antix had to take a brief hiatus just before the blockade took place, resulting in the loss of Terra Island. During the hiatus, he closed down his flag.

Around this time Antix also won the first ship familiar auction on Viridian, winning a red monkey, named Saigon. [1]

On July 30, 2006, Antix received two injuries during the blockade of Terra Island in which he was navigating for the defence, during round 2 he sank and received a pegleg and sank again in round 3 and received a hook.

On October 3, 2006, Antix was banned for password sharing.[2]

During late January 2008 Antix was unbanned 1 year and 3 months after he was banned.

On March 15, 2008, Antix with his flag Infierno De los Diablos failed to take control of Napi Peak after fighting it out on the blockade board with Sea Wrath and a Brigand King, the Brigand King managed to defend the island in 3 rounds. For the first 15 minutes of the blockade Antix was unable to post a blockade job offer due to a pay bug in which when entering the jobbing PoE into the coffers the money simply disappeared, Prometheus eventually fixed the problem 15 minutes into round 1 of the blockade. By this point, Sea Wrath had gained a huge jobber advantage..

On June 15, 2008, Antix led a blockade via the flag Vanguard on Kirin Island shortly after the collapse of its owners Pay for Play. Pay for Plays allies RiddleMakers dropped a chest shortly before the first round started they went on to win the blockade in 4 rounds. Vanguard winning round 1, RiddleMakers winning rounds 2, 3 and 4.

Between 2008 and 2010 Antix stepped away from blockades and politics instead founding the crew Rated Arr who became notorious for making inappropriate jokes and playing various pranks. Antix became good friends with the late Martobain, and Depix, Bulletproof, Magicaltouch, Ladadida and Cabinnaw during this time.

Rated Arr were known to have a “quote board” within the crew private statement where the funniest or most inappropriate comments by the crew were kept. They also became a well known pvp crew.

On the 10th September 2017 after a 10 year absence from blockading on Meridian (formerly Viridian), Antix successfully blockaded Moab Island under the flag Infierno De los Diablos. The blockade was won in 3 rounds, with the defenders Trap House pulling out after the first round.

Obsidian Ocean

On July 2017 Antix moved to the newly opened Obsidian Ocean where he founded the crew Inglorious Basterds with the intention of becoming involved in PvP naving, politics and blockading again.

After serving briefly in the royalty team of Veto under the leadership of Daquan, in November 2017 Antix founded the notorious flag Guerrilla Warfare on Obsidian.

The rise of Guerrilla Warfare

Guerrilla Warfare drew some inspiration from Notorious Fandango with the view of attacking the well established flags which at that time was considered to be Blame Brenda who were being heavily funded by a rich doubloon buyer named Pika.

However after Blame Brenda suffered heavy defeats and Pika retreated from the game, a new enemy arose in the form of the alliance between Consider it Sunk the biggest flag on the ocean and their allies Amateur Hour who it was felt were going to island sit for some time without any significant competition.

Concerned by this and the possibility the new large island opening of Melanaster would be a flag sit blockade, Guerrilla Warfare made plans to become the competition.

The flag gained significant notoriety for it's ability to use Puzzle Pirate related memes to insult their opponents and their relaxed approach to the game.

Despite being late to the party Guerrilla Warfare gained a significant following and support with the assistance of it's charismatic and loyal royalty team.

Guerrilla Warfare produced their "Mission Statement" and posted this publicly on the forums in March 2018 [3] this would include small scale guerrilla style tactics and attacks upon their enemy in a bid to cause disruption and loss of ships or PoE outside of the blockade board.

Melanaster Campaign I

On 14th July 2018 Guerrilla Warfare declared intent to blockade Melanaster Island at Melanaster I against Consider it Sunk and the defending Brigand King, Jinx. The blockade was won by Consider it Sunk in three rounds.

On 21st July 2018 Guerrilla Warfare went back for Melanaster Island at Melanaster II against the defending Consider it Sunk. During the blockade Consider it Sunk would go on to suffer heavy ship losses and would be outjobbed for the first time in their history. Consider it Sunk withdrew from the blockade at the end of Round 2, Guerrilla Warfare winning Melanaster for the first time.

On 29th July 2018 Consider it Sunk declared a blockade on Melanaster Island at Melanaster III. Guerrilla Warfare successfully defended within two rounds, retaining control of the island.

On 5th August 2018 Consider it Sunk declared a blockade on Melanaster Island at Melanaster IV. Consider it Sunk would win the blockade in three rounds.

On 11th August 2018 Guerrilla Warfare declared a blockade on Melanaster Island at Melanaster V. Consider it Sunk successfully defended, with Guerrilla Warfare withdrawing after round two.

Melanaster Island was viciously fought for between Guerrilla Warfare and the Consider it Sunk/Amateur Hour alliance, during which time the island changed hands several times. Due to the shoppe dusting mechanic available to island governors of Obsidian many times flag shoppe's would have to be rebuilt after being demolished by opposing regimes.

The war between Guerrilla Warfare and Consider it Sunk would become toxic due to memes and jokes between the two sides becoming personal, as well as frequent sinking PvP hunting, shoppe dusting and salt on global chat exchanged.

Recovery at Anole Garden

After suffering back to back losses against Consider it Sunk at Melanaster V, Guerrilla Warfare had to withdraw from the campaign to regroup and rebuild the flag coffers and fleet. It was then announced by Ocean Masters that Anole Garden, a new medium island would be opening for blockades. It was decided that this would provide the perfect new base for Guerrilla Warfare to rebuild.

On 18th August 2018 Guerrilla Warfare declared a blockade on Anole Garden at Anole I, they would successfully defeat the brigand king Jinx in three rounds to colonize the island.

After a two month spell rebuilding Guerrilla Warfare's resources on Anole Garden, on 20th October 2018 Amateur Hour declared a blockade on Anole Garden at Anole II, Antix and his team decided if they were going to spend PoE on defending the island they would want to simultaneously attack Melanaster Island. Guerrilla Warfare declared the blockade of Melanaster IX against Amateur Hour's allies, Consider it Sunk to run at the same time as Anole defence.

20th October 2018 would signal one of the biggest victories for Guerrilla Warfare and their alliance, successfully defending Anole Garden against Amateur Hour while simultaneously winning Melanaster Island and defeating Consider it Sunk. This would ultimately trigger the start of the second campaign at Melanaster Island.

Melanaster Campaign II

On 28th October 2018 Consider it Sunk would again declare a blockade on Melanaster Island at Melanaster X, however Guerrilla Warfare were able to successfully defend the island in three rounds with Consider it Sunk withdrawing in Round 2.

On 3rd November 2018 Guerrilla Warfare successfully defended Anole Garden against the brigand king Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness in three rounds.

On 4th November 2018 Amateur Hour declared a blockade on Melanaster Island at Melanaster XI they would go on to defeat Guerrilla Warfare in three rounds, seizing control of the island.

On 10th November 2018 Guerrilla Warfare declared a blockade on Melanaster Island at Melanaster XII, Amateur Hour lost the blockade in three rounds with Guerrilla Warfare again taking control of the island.

Antix stepped away from the game for two months during the last campaign and leadership was passed on to his successor Pasteyman with support from Pauldancer, they would go on to finally defeat Consider it Sunk once and for all.

Unfortunately following the collapse of the last major competitor Consider it Sunk, the Obsidian Ocean became stagnant with no new opposition arising. This resulted in the Obsidian player base moving en masse to Emerald, ultimately killing the new ocean.

After a fall out between Antix and Pasteyman, he eventually left Guerrilla Warfare and created his old Viridian flag Infierno De los Diablos.

He would go on to blockade and return to Anole Garden under the flag Infierno De los Diablos, successfully winning in three rounds against Shredgear's flag Fun By Design. The island would then remain under Antix's control for several months until Brigand King's took the island shortly after the player base of Obsidian moved to Emerald.

Emerald Ocean

Antix briefly moved to Emerald (formerly Sage), where he founded the flag Lunatic Fringe in 2006.

On April 1, 2006, Antix under his flag Lunatic Fringe became the second person to govern an outpost island in Sage history, winning the isle Ashkelon Arch which was the first island to open in the Tern Archipelago.

On May 27, 2006, Antix and his flag Lunatic Fringe attacked Admiral Island after the former owners and allies Go with the Flow led by Shodan, disbanded. The blockade went uncontested, and Lunatic Fringe took control of Admiral Island, making Antix governor (his seventh time in the role).

Antix would later take a step back from the game altogether due to real life commitments, handing over control of Lunatic Fringe and Governorship of Admiral Island to Sidewinder

From 2018 to 2019 returned to Emerald after the migration of the player base from Obsidian to Emerald. Antix founded the flag Insurgence (renamed his old flag Lunatic Fringe) to continue on with politics and blockading.

Insurgence declared a blockade on Armstrong Island against Canada and Redshorts the blockade was won easily within three rounds. Insurgence used this as an opportunity to sell shoppes and produce significant income for the flag coffers.

Insurgence successfully defended Armstrong Island against Canada shortly after.

Insurgence blockaded Tumult Island in retaliation against Canada who held it at that time, the blockade was won by Insurgence in three rounds.

Insurgence with assistance from Bobswald who had merged his flag, attempted to blockade Admiral Island against the flag Grow Up. This would be the first time Antix would go directly head to head with his former royals Pasteyman and Pauldancer following their fallout.

Grow Up defeated Insurgence in a three round blockade at Admiral Island. Bobswald and his flag joining Insurgence caused significant controversy within their alliance and internally as a flag, Antix made the decision to step down as monarch and this role was given to Icefireman who has continued to successfully lead the flag with support from Tempix.

Hunter Ocean

On April 21, 2006, Antix founded and captained the crew Crimson Seablades on the Hunter Ocean alongside Halee and Jacktheblack. It was the third crew to be created on the Hunter Ocean. Captaincy was later given to Halee.

On April 22, 2006, Antix founded the flag Vicious for Jacktheblack. The monarchy position was given to Jacktheblack, and Antix was made lord of the flag.

At Pukru I Antix became one of few who have navigated in the first island opening on all current doubloon oceans at that time.

Following the banning of Jacktheblack and majority of Vicious’ blockade fleet locked under his ownership, Antix decided to leave the Hunter Ocean after only a very brief spell.

Malachite Ocean

On May 5, 2008 Antix ventured onto the newly opened Malachite Ocean where he founded the crew Shades of Evil and became prince in the flag Barely Dressed working alongside Thanos and Daquan.

Antix was interested in the opportunity of working politically alongside the notorious pirate Thanos, having been aware of him during spells on the Midnight Ocean. Unfortunately due to out of game commitments, Antix was unable to continue playing Puzzle Pirates or the Malachite ocean resulting in a period of dormancy.

Midnight Ocean

Antix is an avid follower of the now defunct flag Notorious Fandango where he was briefly a member, and it's iconic leader Looseweed. Looseweed also provided assistance with blockade navigating a number of times for Infierno De los Diablos on Viridian.

Antix first joined Fandango under the name Barrelstoppr around November/December of 2005 in the crew Hell Fire for Hire, he has since moved to the name Syndrome where he Captains the crew Resevoir Dogs.

Antix received a green/grey ribbon on Midnight under the name Syndrome for navigating in the Battle of the Sexes Blockade.[4]

On July 19, 2006, Antix obtained a tan monkey on the Midnight Ocean under the name Syndrome. Later he named the monkey Kano.


Antix has navigated or admiraled in the following blockades:

Cobalt Hunter Midnight Sage Viridian