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Ashlynn can't remember when she joined Puzzle Pirates but she thinks it was some time in early 2006. She is an officer and first mate of the crew Shooting Stars of Sage, and a member of the flag Fearless Privateers. She sails the Sage Ocean and can most often be found coveting Bilging on a Sea Monster Hunt.


Ashlynn spends a fair bit of her time working hard on a sea monster hunt or lazing in Sho Girls on Admiral Island for no apparent reason. She has been (temporarily) forbidden to purchase any ships ever since late December 2007, when she bought 500 doubloons and proceeded to buy as many ships as she could get her hands on. She absolutely adores her crew and flag.



  • Achieved ultimate Blacksmithing in December 2007
  • Achieved ultimate Navigation sometime in 2006 or in November/December 2007.
  • Achieved ultimate Carpentry sometime in 2006.
  • Achieved ultimate Bilging sometime in 2006.
  • Achieved golden crab in December 2007.
  • Promoted to fleet officer of The Crusaders of Sage on January 2nd, 2008.
  • Promoted to senior officer of The Crusaders of Sage on January 24th, 2008.
  • Purchased a townhouse on February 2nd, 2008.

Crew/flag history

Ashlynn vaguely remembers joining up with the crew SG-C, which was at the time a crew in Fearless Privateers, sometime in late 2006 and a portrait she had painted proves this. She achieved the rank of officer and sometime in early December she stopped playing Puzzle Pirates altogether.

In early December 2007 Ashlynn returned to Puzzle Pirates, joining up with The Crusaders of Sage (which was later renamed to The Mystical Shadows) and quickly becoming a scourge of all brigands around the Gull Archipelago. She quickly ascended the ranks, finally becoming a trustworthy senior officer within the crew. She started up a ironworking stall on Wensleydale with Ralphwiggum as her trustworthy manager. She also co-manages Serenty's tailor stall on Admiral Island.


As of February 6nd, 2008, Ashlynn owns nine ships. Her two sloops, Poor Rudd and Cold Bream (painted), are both set to crew use. She has two cutters, the Wrong Halibut which is set to crew use and the Genius Bullhead which is set to personal use. Her dhow, the Bright Halibut is set to personal use as this type of ship is her favorite. A Merchant Brig, Plain Placie, which is basically for stall stock. She has two baghlahs, the Sensitive Bream which is set to crew use and the Psyched Shiner set to personal. Her war brig, the Relaxed Sunfish, is set to crew use. It is only recommended for experienced fleet officers or senior officers to take out. This ship is left completely unstocked at all times.


Team Ded Moroz, Second Place, Santa Rampage 2006
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