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The duty report shows how well, or how poorly, pirates performed at their puzzles.

Aboard ship

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While working on a ship, the duty report is visible to puzzling pirates at every league point, when entering battle, and during breaks in multi-ship sea battle, such as blockades or Sea Monster Hunts. The rating shown is for performance over the last league, or since the last break.

Anyone on the ship can view the report at any time by pressing the escape key or pause/break. This duty report shows performance from the prior league; it is not a snapshot of performance at that instant.

Duty reports are displayed in either one or two columns depending on how many pirates are working aboard the vessel. If there is insufficient space to display all the information, a scroll bar on the right side of the window will appear. The duties are always displayed in the following order: Navigating, Sailing, Rigging, Gunnery, Carpentry, Patching, Bilging and finally Treasure Haul. Puzzles that had no pirates working on them (or in the case of treasure hauling are not applicable at that time) will be omitted from the list entirely.


Duty report-crafting.png

Duty reports are also given for crafting puzzles when a session is completed, but are only visible to the pirate performing the puzzle. In addition to the rating, a crafting duty report also indicates the level of work performed -- either basic, skilled or expert -- as well as details on the particular order on which work was done. For foraging, which has no orders, the report instead gives a summary of the commodities foraged.

Duty report ratings

The duty report ratings are, in order from worst to best:

  • Booched
  • Poor
  • Fine
  • Good
  • Excellent
  • Incredible

The "Booched" and "Poor" ratings are replaced with a green "Learning" rating for greenies.

Note that these scores are actually textual representations of a numerical score and are sorted based on that score; this means that it is still possible to determine who is performing better at a duty even if multiple pirates scored the same textual rating.


Spoiler warning: Details about trophies are hidden below.

The following trophies are related to duty reports: