Fearless Privateers

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Fearless Privateers at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Jobfp of Limbless Privateers
Member crew(s) Cloudless Day, The Eight Sea-West, The Enchanted, Limbless Privateers, Middle Earth Seafarers, Peglegs 'R' Us, Springfield PD, Star of Texas Rangers
Founded 10 June, 2006
Virtually dormant as of 19 February, 2012
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Fearless Privateers is currently a virtually dormant flag on the Emerald Ocean. It was founded on 10 June, 2006 on Sage.

Public statement

“Fearless” Because “Bold, Courageous, Intrepid, Valorous, Valiant, Brave, Undaunted, Dauntless, and Heroic Privateers” was too long for the banners…

Extended public statement

Being Fearless is Fun!

We are a friendly group of pirates who support each other in all kinds of Fun activities upon the ocean!

If you are interested in Joining us or forming an Alliance, please talk to any available Royal, or send an email to Queen Londgireth: londgireth@hotmail.com (please make your subject line clear: alliance, blockade support, Puzzle Pirates...something) =)

Flag Leadership:

Titled spots are based on two major qualifications.

1. Number of pirates in the Crew






Thereafter, one titled spot for each 50 members.

2. Ability of the candidate to support the Flag.

We consider all our Titled members as potential future Royals. As such, FP Lords and Ladies are expected to be active members, and to assist the flag in some way.

Royalty will be promoted from existing Titled members as needed to fill open positions.

If a member of the Flag Leadership (Lord, Lady, Prince or Princess) goes dormant without warning or is otherwise unable to fulfill their post, a qualified replacement may be chosen.

Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Monarch and Royal Council.

Anyone interested in becoming a Titled Member should contact their Captain.


Alfhild, former Queen and still devoted Fearless Privateer, would like to thank ALL the friends and pirates that made her time as leader of the flag a special one.

Alfhild says, "I took on the role of Monarch as a duty, the love and commitment of my Flagmates and dedicated devotion of my Royals made it a DELIGHT!

To each and every one of you that blessed my world and brought me such dear loyalty... my Heartfelt THANKS!!

To my Allies and beloved fellow Monarchs with which I have worked over the past years, I offer my gratitude for your protection, and support, both of flag, and me personally.

To all my friends, I have no need of any legacy other than the one written in your hearts. I pray that your Joy may be Eternal and that our paths may end up on the same shore."


(ps. I'll visit when and if I can, you can still contact me at alfhildofsage@hotmail.com - hugs and a lime for ye!)


Blockade history

  • Kiwara IV - 0 to 3 - FP decided not to defend. Although to keep CCC on their toes 3 War Frigates were taken in for fun.
  • Caravanserai V - 0 to 3 - FP attacked Caravanserai on a whim for the sake of blockading.
  • Spaniel IV - 2 to 3 - FP attacked Spaniel under the direction of Elkbrains.
  • Kakraphoon X - 3 to 0 - FP successfully defended Kakraphoon(their little pebble in the ocean) from Good Grief.

Blockades at a glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 25 February 2007 Kiwara IV Defending No Fearless Privateers vs. Candy Coated Chaos 0:3 Lost island
2 31 March 2007 Caravanserai V Attacking Yes none vs. The Ottoman Empire, Notorious, Fearless Privateers 1:0:3:0 Didn't win island
3 5 May 2007 Spaniel IX Attacking No The Avengers vs. Insurrectionists, Fearless Privateers, Dilligaf 0:3:2:0 Didn't win island
4 27 October 2007 Kakraphoon IX Attacking Yes Chthonic Horde vs. Fearless Privateers 2:3 Won island
5 18 November 2007 Kakraphoon X Defending No Fearless Privateers vs. Good Grief 3:0 Defended island
6 1 March 2008 Kakraphoon XI Defending No Fearless Privateers vs. Good Grief 2:3 Lost island
7 29 March 2008 Blackthorpe XXI Attacking No Undeclared vs. Fearless Privateers 0:3 Won island
8 12 April 2008 Blackthorpe XXII Defending No Fearless Privateers vs. Dirty Deeds 2:3 Lost island
9 22 November 2008 Ventress XXIII Attacking No No Parking vs. Fearless Privateers, Security Forces 3:1:0 Didn't win island
10 13 June 2009 Spaniel XXIV Attacking No Spontaneous Combustion vs. Fearless Privateers 3:1 Didn't win island