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Spring Cleaning

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for April
  • Added a new YoWeb page to view a list of Colonized Islands, including tax information and links to governor names
  • Adding a new Trade chat channel that can be used by pirates looking to buy or sell items
    • "/tmute" can be used to toggle this chat channel
    • Players can only use this channel once every few minutes
  • Updating the requirements that must be met before joining a competition, in order to prevent pirates from "saving" a high scoring situation for use in a pending competition
    • If on board a vessel that has recently turned about, players will be required to wait until the vessel reaches a league point before they can join a competition.
    • If a player had already joined a pending competition at the time the vessel turns about, a message will be displayed that the player must rejoin the competition after reaching a league point.
  • Attacking vessels that are much weaker will now greatly reduce the number of Greedy brigands that appear in the melee.
  • Adding a warning message to the client if a player's mute list exceeds 750 names . Storing more names than this can exceed the size limit defined by the Java Preferences class.
  • Fixing a bug that could cause LE ship NPPs to get stuck in the crow's nest
  • Fix for client window size on 4k monitors; the window will now be shown at 2x scale at sufficiently high resolutions
  • Minor update to chat filter


Make Ready the Guns

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for March.
  • Updating code to begin preparing for Dark Seas later in the year.
  • Making it possible to pay a small bribe in pieces of eight in order to port a vessel at an embargoed island. The bribe lasts for one hour, and the cost increases based on the size of the vessel that is porting. The pieces of eight are placed in the Palace coffers.
    • UPDATE: This feature will go into effect after the oceans complete their normal morning reboot. The bribe panel will then be displayed when you attempt to port your vessel at an embargoed island.
  • When a vessel sinks, a note will now be recorded in the vessel logs listing the players who were on board the vessel when it was engaged.
  • Vessel Deeds can no longer be traded while the vessel is currently at sea.
  • Commodities can no longer be destroyed when placing a new building construction site.
  • Removing obsolete link from the doubloon purchase panel.


Howl at the Moon

From the Release Notes:
  • Halloween event will begin after the servers restart:
    • Special candy trinkets can be won from Brigand Kings and Sea Monster Hunts. Three new trinkets have been added for this year's event, in addition to candy from last year. The new trinkets are classified as "Spooky Trinkets", and can be exchanged at the Trading Post for some new items.
    • Two new mask designs have been added to the Trading Post in exchange for Spooky Trinkets: the Catrina mask (female), and Calavera mask (male)
    • Five new furniture designs have been added to the Trading post in exchange for Spooky Trinkets: Lycanthropic Chair, Mounted Deer Skull, Wall Hanging Wolfsbane, Tabletop Meat, and a Werewolf Banner
  • A special new LE ship is being released early in time for Halloween. The Pirate News and Spyglass blog will be updated with details shortly after release. It will remain available until the end of November.
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