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From the Release Notes:
  • There will now be some added requirements for pirates to be able to job in a blockade:
    • Participants can not be greenies or unsaved guest accounts.
    • Participants need to have at least Narrow experience in two or more piracy puzzles.
  • If a vessel attempts to enter a blockade but does not meet these requirements, a message will be sent listing the pirate names who are not eligible. The vessel will be unable to join the blockade until all pirates on board meet the above conditions.


Weigh Anchor

From the Release Notes:

Most changes for this release will go into effect after the morning server reboots on June 15th.

  • Adding seasonal content for July.
  • Making preparations for the public testing release of the Obsidian ocean in the coming weeks as part of our ongoing Dark Seas development.
  • Certain items that are normally created by shops (various swords, bludgeons, mugs, clothing, furniture) will no longer drop from Sea Monster Hunts. These items should instead be ordered via shops and constructed using labor.
  • The Pirate badge will no longer be required.
  • Increasing the maximum number of Hearties that can be stored.
  • Adding a command that will allow the Ocean Masters to fix pirates who are stuck with a "pirate preparation error" during login.
  • Updating copyright info in the "About" tab.
  • Scene Editor:
    • Fixing the "Display commodity object counts" action in the Scene Editor.
    • Increasing memory allotment to allow saving map images for large island scenes.
    • Large assortment of new tiles (props, plants, etc.) for scene creation.


Flotilla Frenzy

From the Release Notes:
  • Flotilla changes:
    • Adding the Cutter as a possible type of supply ship in Flotillas.
    • Adding trophies for Flotilla participation (details will need to be discovered by players).
    • Switching Vargas and Yu Jian to sinking Flotillas.
    • Moving Flotilla jobs higher up on the voyages panel.
    • Increasing payouts for non-sinking Flotillas.
    • Flotillas should no longer spawn in uncolonized archipelagos.
  • Competitions:
    • Adding another check to ensure that puzzle performance only counts towards the competition if it took place after the competition started.
      • Players will receive a message notifying them that their puzzle performance did not count if this situation occurs.
    • Fixed a competition scoring mechanic that would sometimes allow lazing to be useful after a high-scoring situation.
  • Adding a global chat channel:
    • This channel is muted by default, but players can join by typing the command "/global-on". It can be switched back off with the "/global-off" command.
    • To use this chat channel, type "/global " before the start of your message.
    • There is a wait period between consecutive messages in this channel from the same player.
    • This channel will replace "/greeter" chat.
  • The Sloop Mark II can now be constructed by Shipyards.
    • This ship has the same functionality as the normal sloop, but uses the expanded floorplan that's found on Limited Edition sloops (sometimes preferred by decorators).


Spring Cleaning

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for April
  • Added a new YoWeb page to view a list of Colonized Islands, including tax information and links to governor names
  • Adding a new Trade chat channel that can be used by pirates looking to buy or sell items
    • "/tmute" can be used to toggle this chat channel
    • Players can only use this channel once every few minutes
  • Updating the requirements that must be met before joining a competition, in order to prevent pirates from "saving" a high scoring situation for use in a pending competition
    • If on board a vessel that has recently turned about, players will be required to wait until the vessel reaches a league point before they can join a competition.
    • If a player had already joined a pending competition at the time the vessel turns about, a message will be displayed that the player must rejoin the competition after reaching a league point.
  • Attacking vessels that are much weaker will now greatly reduce the number of Greedy brigands that appear in the melee.
  • Adding a warning message to the client if a player's mute list exceeds 750 names . Storing more names than this can exceed the size limit defined by the Java Preferences class.
  • Fixing a bug that could cause LE ship NPPs to get stuck in the crow's nest
  • Fix for client window size on 4k monitors; the window will now be shown at 2x scale at sufficiently high resolutions
  • Minor update to chat filter
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