Labyrinth Moors (Meridian)

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Labyrinth Moors
Favicon.png Labyrinth Moors on the Meridian Ocean
Large island in the Onyx Archipelago
Labyrinth Moors (Meridian).png

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Controlled by   Coming Soon  
Governed by   Ever
Navy color   Blue
This island has no pets on it.
Outpost Medium Large
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Labyrinth Moors is a large island located in the Onyx Archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Ansel Island, Polaris Point, Sapling Island, and Yax Mutal. The two cats who once walked around the island, when it was owned by Sea Change, were donated by Xeni.

Natural resources

This island spawns masuyite and sugar cane.


Pigments of Phaedra (bazaar)
Cults Cauldron (upgraded)
Medea's Poison (upgraded)
Over The Rainbow (upgraded)
Moor Money (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Styx and Stones (upgraded)
Minotaur's Meads (bazaar)
Catatonic (upgraded)
Distillin' the Night Away (upgraded)
Drunk Dionysus (upgraded)
Fresh Batch (upgraded)
Galene's Golden Goblets (upgraded)
Grandpa's Cough Medicine (upgraded)
Whiskey Lullaby (upgraded)
Made in China (upgraded)
Medusa's Head (upgraded)
Mojito (upgraded)
Stein on my pants (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Cretan Constructions (upgraded)
Hera's Housewares (bazaar)
Catreus' Chest (upgraded)
Titans' Bunk (upgraded)
Cyclops Cabins (right-facing cabin)
Deadmans Wonderland (right-facing cottage)
Eris Estates (right-facing estate)
Hall of Mirrors (left-facing pirate hall)
Lazy Laertes (left-facing bungalow)
Mind Your Manors (left-facing manor)
Mount Athos Mansions (right-facing mansion)
Shack Attack (right-facing shack)
Thermopylae Townhouses (right-facing townhouse)
Trojan House (right-facing row house)
Vale of Tempe Villas (right-facing villa)
Inn Expensive (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Periphetes' Club (bazaar)
Armour of Ares (upgraded)
Ball and Chain (upgraded)
Bladerunner (upgraded)
Forged (upgraded)
Hephaestus Forge (upgraded)
Hooters (upgraded)
Iron Man (upgraded)
Tempered (upgraded)
Temple To The Cult (upgraded)
Trojan Sheaths (upgraded)
Mount Olympus (upgraded)
Theseus' Triremes (bazaar)
Aegeus' Agony (upgraded)
Aphrodities Arks (upgraded)
Aqua Marine (upgraded)
Fish and Ships (upgraded)
Labyrinth Moors Shipyard (upgraded)
Look At Da Boats (upgraded)
Made in China (upgraded)
Prestige Masts (upgraded)
Queen Anne's Revenge (upgraded)
Shipped (upgraded)
Smokin Ships (upgraded)
That Ship Shop (upgraded)
Weapons of Mast Destruction (upgraded)
Zeus' Kingdom (upgraded)
Sisyphus' Scissors (bazaar)
Brainwashing Facility (upgraded)
Candy Shop (upgraded)
Crazy Clothes Inc (upgraded)
Godly Garments (upgraded)
Kingsmen (upgraded)
Kraken Kilts (upgraded)
Sew What (upgraded)
Soft Velvet (upgraded)
Stitch in Time (upgraded)
Daedalus' Clew (bazaar)
Hypnos's Hemp House (upgraded)
Silken Threads (upgraded)
Spinning Arachne (upgraded)
Unbeweavable (upgraded)
Dusted buildings
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Aethra's Rock (upgraded iron monger)
Ares's Armory (upgraded iron monger)
Ariadne's Golden Fleece (upgraded tailor)
Armageddon Armouries (upgraded furnisher)
Azarbad's Balls (upgraded iron monger)
Baby Bloomers (tailor)
Bacchus' Bash (upgraded distillery)
Balls of Steel (upgraded iron monger)
Balls of Terror (upgraded iron monger)
Balls of Wrath (upgraded iron monger)
Bed Bath and Potions (upgraded apothecary)
Bellerophon's Big Balls (upgraded iron monger)
Bia's Box (black market)
Blackwall Yard (upgraded shipyard)
Blown to Smithereens (iron monger)
Blunts and Sunshine (upgraded tailor)
Bob n' Weave (upgraded weavery)
Brigs and Frigs (upgraded shipyard)
Bump Her Boats (upgraded shipyard)
Bundy Rumbo (upgraded distillery)
Cannabis Nation (upgraded iron monger)
Captain Morgan's Rum (upgraded distillery)
Captain's Order (upgraded distillery)
Cauldron Bubble (upgraded apothecary)
Centaur's Creations (upgraded tailors)
Chains of Prometheus (upgraded iron monger)
Chronos Chlamys (tailor)
Crafting Logs (upgraded shipyard)
Dionysus Quinqueremes (upgraded shipyard)
Dionysus Spirits (upgraded distillery)
Epic Slice (upgraded iron monger)
Espada Del Calamar (upgraded iron monger)
Explosive Balls (upgraded iron monger)
Failboats (upgraded shipyard)
The Fleet of Armageddon (upgraded shipyard)
La Force de Frappe (upgraded iron monger)
Frigate About It (upgraded shipyard)
Fruit Foresail (upgraded shipyard)
Golden Cat Needles and Thread (upgraded weavery)
Grand Galleons (upgraded shipyard)
The Grim Weaver (upgraded tailor)
Gypsy Hats (upgraded tailor)
Hand Polished Masts (upgraded shipyard)
Haul Anchor (upgraded shipyard)
Heart's Desire (apothecary)
Hole In The Wall (tailor)
Homer's Odyssey (explorers' hall)
Hringhorni's Brethren (upgraded shipyard)
Hyper Crafts (upgraded shipyard)
Illicit Concoctions (upgraded apothecary)
Imperial Dazzling Cloth (upgraded weavery)
It's Raining Frigs (upgraded shipyard)
Labyrinth Absinthe (upgraded distillery)
The Last Elixir of Cathbad (apothecary)
Lenin's Loom (upgraded weavery)
Lethe's Liquor (upgraded distillery)
Leviathan's lathe (upgraded shipyard)
Looming Danger (upgraded weavery)
A Lucker's Heaven (upgraded iron monger)
Manannan Mac Lir (shipyard)
Moor Clothes (upgraded tailor)
Moor Odd Balls (iron monger)
Moor Trim and Tapestries (upgraded furnisher)
Njoror's Armada (upgraded shipyard)
Non Clementia Bardo (shipyard)
Oops, I Sunk It Again (shipyard)
Orion's Belt (upgraded tailor)
Pegasus' Bridle (upgraded iron monger)
Plausible Potions (apothecary)
Plethora Agora (trading post)
The Power of Three (shipyard)
Procrustes' Sheets (upgraded weavery)
Prometheus' Pretty Prizes (black market)
Qualinestian Warships (upgraded shipyard)
Rebel Shipyard (upgraded shipyard)
Renegade Rowboats (upgraded shipyard)
Rhea Recherche (upgraded tailor)
Rock Ship (upgraded shipyard)
Rock that Ship (upgraded shipyard)
Rockin' Weavery (upgraded weavery)
Royal Shooters (upgraded distillery)
Rumming on Empty (upgraded distillery)
Schroedinger's Balls (upgraded iron monger)
Sea Wrath's Weavery (upgraded weavery)
Sew Many Clothes, Sew Little Time (upgraded tailor)
Shadows Web (upgraded weavery)
Ships and Giggles (upgraded shipyard)
Ships by Lips (upgraded shipyard)
Shots For You (upgraded iron monger)
Sinking Fires (upgraded iron monger)
Spirits of Wrath (upgraded distillery)
Spring of Peirene (apothecary)
Suicide King Memorial Apothecary (apothecary)
Suicide King's Memorial Tailor (tailor)
Suicide King Memorial Weavery (weavery)
Summery Mesmerism (upgraded weavery)
Super Sekrit Shipyard (upgraded shipyard)
Sword and Balls (upgraded iron monger)
Tactically Weaving (upgraded weavery)
Thanatos Blades (upgraded iron monger)
Thunderbox (upgraded distillery)
Tippsy Sips (upgraded distillery)
Top Frigs (upgraded shipyard)
Totally Renamed IM (upgraded iron monger)
Touch of Midas (upgraded tailor)
Towers of Illium (upgraded furnisher)
Unique Galleons (upgraded shipyard)
Utopian Galleons (shipyard)
Utterly Hammered (upgraded iron monger)
Walk In A Wan Style (upgraded tailor)
Walk-In Closet (upgraded tailor)
Wear a Wan Style (tailor)
White Whale (upgraded shipyard)
Winds of Fate (shipyard)
Wrath's Potion's (upgraded apothecary)
Zeus Fire (upgraded iron monger)


Labyrinth Moors is controlled by Coming Soon.


Labyrinth Moors was originally located on the Viridian Ocean. On a large rock behind the palace, an inscription reads, "This island were fashioned by Waterbug."

On 2006-06-19, the island was converted from medium to large.[1]

Labyrinth Moors is the first island on the Viridian Ocean with all ten types of housing, and as of 2008-09-11, remains the only one.


Labyrinth I: 2006-05-06, RiddleMakers took Labyrinth Moors in an uncontested blockade.

Labyrinth II: 2006-06-11, RiddleMakers successfully defended the island from an attack by Ellipse in a three round blockade.

Labyrinth III: 2006-10-14, RiddleMakers successfully defended the island from an attack by Ellipse in a three round blockade.

Labyrinth IV: 2006-10-21, RiddleMakers successfully defended the island from an attack by Dragon Masters in a three round blockade.

Labyrinth V: 2008-5-17, RiddleMakers successfully defended the island from attack by The Mighty Booch in a three round blockade.

RiddleMakers transfered Labyrinth Moors to Sea Wrath.

Labyrinth VI: 2008-9-20, Sea Wrath Scuttled Gretchen Goldfang after rumors of a drop, and did not defend.

Labyrinth VII: 2008-9-27, The Wrath of Armageddon droped on Labyrinth Moors, but defended their other island, Carmine Island, from a drop made by Sea Wrath.

Labyrinth VIII: 2008-10-12, Sea Change successfully attacked the island and won the island in a 5 round blockade also contested by Sea Wrath.

Labyrinth IX: 2009-01-25, Sea Change successfully defended the island against Look At Me - I'm God in a three round non-sinking blockade.

Labyrinth X: 2009-10-3, Sea Change lost the island to Tactical Decisions in a three round non-sinking blockade.

Labyrinth XI: 2009-10-25, Tactical Decisions lost the island to Sea Change in a three round non-sinking blockade.

Labyrinth XII: 2009-11-7, Sea Change lost the island to Vanguard in a three round non-sinking blockade. On this day, ten islands were blockaded, five of them ran simultaneously along with Labyrinth XII.

Labyrinth XIII: 2010-2-27, Vanguard lost the island to Boo Our Other Booched in a three round sinking blockade.