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The prizes.

Here are the rules for Booty or No Booty!


Nobooty asks that all spectators behave themselves during the event to keep it as fun as possible by:

  • Keep chat clean and to a minimum. If you're talking to only one other person, please keep your conversation in /tells. If talking to the whole house, please use /house to speak. Excessive swearing, spamming, and shouting will get you removed from all further games of Booty or No Booty.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling. It helps everyone, especially those who do not know English as a native language, understand what you are saying.
  • Ask before initiating trade requests, hearty requests, etc. The host will not accept random hearty, trade, or job requests.
  • Follow the directions that he gives. Stop bidding when the host asks, be silent when he asks, and do what he says.
  • Keep from interfering with the game. Disruptions include spamming Nobooty or the contestant, harassing others, walking on to the stage, and false bidding. Severe disruptions will get you removed from BoNB forever.
  • Have fun, but keep the game fun for others. Harassment is not tolerated and will get you removed from all future games of BoNB.

What is Booty or No Booty?

Booty or No Booty is an event that gives away a prize, possibly a familiar, to the contestant. Before the game starts, a contestant is chosen randomly from a golden ticket lottery. Golden tickets are given away in tournaments and events, and can be submitted to the lottery during the next Booty or No Booty on that ocean.

The contestant chooses 1 of 22 boxes that he or she hopes contains a large prize. Then, he or she opens the other boxes to try and determine what prize he or she has. Every so often, the audience gets a chance to try and buy the box from the contestant. If the contestant decides not to take the top offer, the game continues as normal. If, however, the contestant does take the top offer, the top bidder will become the new contestant. Once the game is down to 2 boxes, including the contestant's, the contestant may have the option of switching their choice of boxes. Then, the contestant opens his or her box, and the prize is revealed.



Booty or No Booty takes place at Nobooty's Estate in the following locations:

Before the game

An hour before the game starts, a broadcast will be sent out across the ocean by an Ocean Master or an OM alt. This broadcast usually points out when it starts, what can be won, and a link to the rules. The location might not be given out in the broadcast. Remember that the event does not actually start until an hour after the broadcast.

Between 5 and 15 minutes before BoNB starts, a golden ticket may be given out. Nobooty won't be telling how or when, so please don't ask!

Start of the game

At the start of the show, Nobooty will turn off the lights. At this time, please be silent so that Nobooty can start the game.

After this, Nobooty will ask for golden tickets. You will not get any tickets you submit back, unless you win a refund (discussed below). If you have a golden ticket to hand in, you may send him a trade request and wait for him to get to you. Golden tickets only count if they have your name on them. After a few minutes, those who have submitted a ticket will be invited to the other side of the garden, where a number of boxes have been set up. One by one, each person who submitted tickets will get to pick a box for every ticket he submitted and keep it. Once all the boxes have been given out, the boxes may be opened.

  • If the box contains a greeting card, read it.
    • If the card says to shout 'BOOTY', you will be in the hotseat. Wait for Nobooty to ask you to shout 'BOOTY!' to reveal your prize.
    • If the card says you've won a refund, wait for Nobooty to ask you to shout 'NO BOOTY!'. Nobooty will trade request you for the card in exchange for a golden ticket.
  • A bandana or bid ticket means you have not won the hotseat or the refund. Sorry, try again sometime!
  • A different prize means you've won a consolation prize. Nobooty may ask you to do something if you win it.

The winner will be invited to the stage, and everyone else becomes a normal spectator.

Main game

The contestant gets a chance to say a little about themselves, then picks their box (1 of 22) for the show. The chosen box is put aside. Each box, including the chosen box, contains one of the following prizes:

Furniture-Slatted crate.pngSlatted crate
Poker-Pot-2.png5 PoE
Paint brush.pngPaint brush
Furniture-Fish skeleton.pngFish skeleton
Poker-Pot-3.png400 PoE
Icon Foil.png'Primary' foil
Furniture-Display case.pngDisplay case
Furniture-Crate o'herbs.pngCrate of madder
Poker-Pot-4.png7,500 PoE
Furniture-Fancy wardrobe.pngFancy wardrobe
Item box unequip.png
Pets-Cat colors.png
Cat or Dog
Item box unequip.png
Pets-Dog colors.png
Poker-Pot-5.png25,000 PoE
Icon Scimitar.pngPitcher.pngIcon Fish.pngWeapon
Trinket-Nautilus shell.pngTrinket-Spiky coral.pngShell or coral trinket
Furniture-Treasure chest.pngTreasure chest
Poker-Pot-6.png200,000 PoE
Furniture-Pig.pngFurniture-Turtle.pngSleeping animal
Furniture-Bronze neckband.pngFurniture-Silver cross.pngRare artifact
Poker-Pot-7.png500,000 PoE
Clothing-female-torso-Captain's jacket.png
Clothing-male-legs-Stripy knickers.png
Clothing-male-feet-Fancy boots.png
Full outfit

After this box is chosen, the 21 remaining prizes start to be eliminated.

In the first round, 5 boxes are chosen by the contestant to be opened and eliminated. Since each box contains a different prize, that prize cannot be in any of the other boxes, including the chosen box.

The aim of the game for the contestant is to eliminate the blue boxes - the boxes with a low value. If they eliminate low values, they know that the chosen box will not contain that prize. So the aim is to be left with good prizes, because then the contestant is guaranteed to win one of them.

After 5 boxes have been opened, the audience has a chance to bid for the chosen box (details below). Once an offer has been made, the player can do one of two things:

  • Say BOOTY: They receive the PoE offered, leave the game, and the box passes on to the successful bidder.
  • Say NO BOOTY: The game continues as normal.

The game continues for three more rounds. 6 more boxes are eliminated in round 2 and 3, and 3 boxes are eliminated in round 4, leaving 11, then 5 and, finally, 2 boxes (including the contestant's) left. Bidding occurs between rounds and between the final round and the switcheroo (see later)


Bidding is done in 2 sections between each round.

The first wave is a gauge round. You may send Nobooty a /tell with your bid when he says to. You may only bid in PoE. Doubloons and items are not accepted as bids. After a short time, Nobooty will end the wave of bidding and announce the top bid.

The second wave is the actual bidding round. Depending on how much you want to bid:

  • Send your bid as a /pay if your bid is larger than or equal to the bid threshold that Nobooty states. Do not send a /pay for lower than this amount, as it may not be returned.
  • Send your bid as a /tell if your bid is less than the bid threshold. If you do not have the money to back up this bid if it is the top bid, you will be banned from BoNB forever for false bidding.

After time is up, Nobooty will announce the top bid, which the contestant may accept as above.

The Switcheroo

After the final round of bidding, the player gets to choose from 1 of 2 special switcheroo boxes. These boxes usually have a pair of names that go together somehow, like subscription and doubloon, or fish and chips. The contestant may choose one of these boxes and open it. If the box allows for a swap, the player may choose to swap the chosen box for the remaining box, or keep with the original choice. If the box does not allow for a swap, nothing special happens.

End of the Game

The contestant now opens the chosen box to see what prize he or she has won. Afterwards, Nobooty will dismiss the crowd and tell on which ocean the next episode will be.

Surprises and surPRIZEs

On certain rounds, Nobooty will ask the contestant, "How about a quickie?". The contestant will choose 3 boxes at once. Those boxes are all opened, and each one's prize is announced. Usually there is at least one quickie during the game.

Occasionally Nobooty will take 'intermissions' between main parts of the game, mostly before or after bidding has taken place. A gift, separate from the 22 game prizes, will be given out to a member of the audience that performs a certain task, like answering a trivia question, or repeating what Nobooty says back to him. Occasionally, there may be a twist that comes with the prize. These prizes can range from clothing to swords, mugs, and bludgeons to cash to trinkets and even golden tickets! As many as 6 surPRIZEs have been given out in one game in the past.

These surPRIZEs will happen when Nobooty decides, and Nobooty will intentionally push back surPRIZEs if they are requested.

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