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An all-ocean event.
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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.


Q. yo what da scupper am i doin here?
A. Hello! You've obviously followed a broadcast blindly, and haven't a clue where you're going. I'd suggest you read everything that's in the yellow box (the rules, this page and home portal especially) to get you up to scratch. I'd also try and use a bit of punctuation if I were you, but understanding the main rules of the game's more important here ;-)

Q. Can I be a roomate? Pllleeeeeeaseeee?
A. No, and nooooooooooooo.

Q. Why not?
A. Because I said so.

Q. Nobooty's not answering my /tells, what do I do?
A. He's probably ignoring them because they're answered somewhere on this page or in the rules. Do not tellspam (send the same message over and over, hoping he'll reply to it quicker); if you do so, you will be ejected, planked, and barred.

Q. Hey, how do I sign up?
A. If you're in the house, you're signed up. If you're not in the house, make your way to the location depending on your ocean:

Q. Hi, how do I play?
A. Please see the rules page for information on playing the game.

Q. Why does Nobooty have a white name?
A. Nobooty has a white name because he is a special event character. He is not an OM, nor can he magic up items.

Q. wots the 'ToS'? dose it mean somthing norty??/
A. No, it doesn't. It actually stands for the Terms of Service that you agreed to abide to when playing the game.

Q. Can I have a white name too?
A. Not unless you're doing something special for it. No, I'm not currently looking for helpers.

Q. Where does Nobooty get all the prizes from?
A. Oceanmasters magick them up for him, according to pre-arranged terms. Nobooty will not ask for anything to be made for you, so don't even ask.

Q. Whoa, pets! Are the pets OMs in disguise?
A. No. They are not. Please don't start up conspiracy theories about them, because they'll probably hate you for all the extra petitions they'll get.

Q. What's a familiar?
A. Look here.

Q. Why doesn't my pet show up?
A. Pets are disallowed. Only the house pets are allowed.

Q. Is Nobooty real?
A. Yes, Nobooty is real. He is Piplicus on Midnight, and Piplicus on Midnight is the only character he has good standings/experience on.

Q. Why does Nobooty talk so well?
A. Nobooty is a supporter of the Campaign for Literacy on all oceans, and encourages you to capitalise your I's and remember your semicolons. It's good for you!

Q. How much money do I need to have on hand?
A. You should bring on hand as much PoE as you are willing to bet. Bids in doubloons and items will not be accepted. Generally, offers under about 30,000 PoE don't get far (that is NOT to say you must have 30,000 PoE, more that you need to bid high to have a good chance).

Q. What's a golden ticket?
A. They are gold/gold ribbons that are awarded in special contests, and you can use them to get into the hot seat.

Q. How do I get a golden ticket?
A. There are golden tickets handed out in tournaments, special events, and contests on the day. There may even be more tickets!

Q. Can I buy a golden ticket?
A. No.

Q. I don't have a golden ticket. Can I still play?
A. Yes, but you need to bid money.

Q. How do I bid?
A. Please see the bidding rules for more details.

Q. I don't have a golden ticket OR money. What do I do?
A. Sadly, that means that you cannot play the main game. However, you can still watch the game for fun, or win a surPRIZE.

Q. Ooh, what are surPRIZES?
A. They are wrapped presents that contain, well, prizes! They range from furniture to money to trinkets, pets, and even golden tickets! Every so often, there will be a contest for winning one.

Q. What's the Switcheroo?
A. At the end of the game, the player may or may not be allowed to switch boxes. This mechanism is how we decide if they're allowed to swap or not. See this page for more information.