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Here is a current list of the Booty or No Booty helpers.


Nobooty is the inventor of the Booty or No Booty game show. Materialising from the oven of half-baked ideas, or more accurately, Jorvik Island, in March 2006, he has been entertaining the folks of the oceans ever since. Nobooty likes to explore the deep, dark realms of what makes events tick, often letting his half-baked ideas escape on to a certain ocean. Heavily involved in the game's early stages, he now adopts a laissez-faire philosophy with respect to the game - allowing the contestants to make their own fun, while still caring enough to make the experience fun for even the most shy of spectators. Nobooty has been less active in running events, due to his real-life career, but still endeavours to bring many more weird and wonderful events to all of the oceans.

Nobooty does not suffer fools gladly.

Nobooty is more commonly known as Piplicus on the Midnight Ocean.



The uncannily original name likes chirpy, witty people who know when to talk and when not to. If you know where the shift key is and use it, then you're going to get along fine. He's ready to go with a heap of events, day or night. Challenge him on the docks, I might have a prize. He will be hosting on Midnight and any green oceans so keep an eye out for him! He's also British, but don't hold it against him. Much.

Bonb is more familiar as the pirate Angelbeaver on Viridian.


Everyone wants in the hotseat – the crazy chair, where you get to be in control of picking the boxes. Crazychair enjoys the pirate life and lingo. Are you most at home on a ship at sea? Look for ticket event by this host. If you happen upon her on the docks, a polite piratey challenge will often be met with a "Yarrrr!", while rude and unruly mates will find an "Arrrr" instead.

Crazychair does not wish to let their alter-ego be revealed..



Egen means "again". Egen can be found often around the docks, chatting and will readily accept swordfighting or drinking challenges for which she likes to give away wrapped goodies. Egen doesn't like rudeness, TD or Rumble and doesn't suffer fools too gladly.

Egen wishes to remain anonymous for the time being.


Freebooty is no stranger to hosting fun events on Hunter and the forums alike. She was delighted when the call went out for BoNB hosts and thrilled she was chosen. While in this current position, she intends to host as much as possible, wherever and whenever she is needed. She has a lot of Golden Ticket events up her sleeve, including Game Gardens games. Adding twists to these events should make them more appealing to a larger audience.

To get on the good side of Freebooty all that is required is good sportsmanship and to follow directions. On the other hand, Freebooty will not hesitate to escort you to the door at any event she hosts should your behavior warrant it.

Freebooty goes by the more familiar moniker of Synful.



The name Nobanker comes from the phrase "There is no banker," which he says quite a lot. Nobanker enjoys carousing puzzles, but don't expect him to accept any random challenges. Nobanker also enjoys docktarting and playing a few puzzles while he does. A generally nice crowd will bring out the best in Nobanker, but he isn't always so cheery (as seen in his portrait.)

Nobanker prefers to remain anonymous.


As an event host, she plans to run a fair number of events that allow people who may not be as good at the traditional puzzles as others. Noellabooty is a good swordfighter and rumbler, but challenge her to a game of drinking or treasure drop and you're sure to win. She'd have to be in a really good mood to accept a challenge in those though. Keep an eye out on the forums for her ticket events though; she's a forum tart through and through. Noellabooty comes from the name of the British host 'Noel Edmonds' but obviously feminised a little.

Noellabooty would prefer to remain anonymous, but would be pleasantly surprised if someone were to figure it out.



Obeyerfan, Booty or No Booty's closest thing to a DJ, bases herself off of Shanty Raid-io (information about how to tune in can be found at the station's website). She particularly likes to give away tickets via one-on-one challenges, via her weekly show, or through random docktarting contests, so keep an eye out for her when she's not hosting. She dislikes tournaments, and so wishes to give out tickets alternative ways. Her likes include music, her pet dog, and the nectar of all poisons, alcohol. She is irked by people that lack common sense and common decency, some peoples' differing taste in music and unfounded rumors.

Obeyerfan is more commonly known as Erfan, frequenting on Midnight and Sage.


Surprizes, taking his name from the spectator prizes, has a whole treasure chest worth of event ideas, so look out for some creativity in the future! Be careful though, talking to him in a manner that is hardly understandable won't get you anywhere! Hunt him down for and SF or a rumble or two, and if he's not too busy he's sure to accept!

Surprizes is more well-known as Surmuck on the Viridian Ocean.



Sweetbooty is fun loving and easy going, but isn't afraid to show the naughtier pirates the business end of Davy Jones' Locker. She intends to run many social, challenging and creative events so you best keep a look out. In her spare time, she enjoys a bit of dock-tarting and the odd challenge - her favourite being rumble and SF. There may even be a small prize in there too.

Sweetbooty prefers to remain anonymous.


Switcheroo was one of the original set of helpers that failed to become reality. Still interested in helping out, he assumed the identity of Switcheroo. A well-known pirate back as a contestant, he played an episode, and knows the statistics of the game even more than Gail or Nobooty himself. Switcheroo aims to be an ad hoc assistant, making sure that everything runs smoothly on both the spectator end, and the technical end.

Switcheroo is more commonly known as Fiercepirate.