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This page gives a brief synopsis of the Booty or No Booty players in the first 13 weeks of the game.

Week 1 (April 8)


Blinkkidmutt was our first ever contestant, winning a golden ticket through Shanty Raidio's 'Six Boxes event. He beat two other contestants to get into the hot seat. He had an unfortunate run of bad luck, eliminating the familiar on the first (ever) box. After rejecting two bids, he decided to take Mickyg's offer.

Blinkkidmutt dealt at 43,000 PoE.



Mickyg made her way onto the stage after round 3. Her luck was slightly better than Blinkkidmutt's, but when offered the option of either 41,900 PoE, or a toss-up between a skull and a throne, she took the money at offer 6.

Mickyg dealt at 41,900 PoE, losing 1,100 PoE.


Dolgan, after two unsuccessful attempts to oust Blinkkidmutt from the game, managed to finally buy his way in with 41,900 PoE. He was refused a swap, and went on to open box 9, which contained a throne.

Dolgan bought a black/gold throne for 41,900 PoE.

Week 2 (April 16)



Pyralis won his golden ticket in the week 2 automated rumble tournament, and traded it in that week. He beat three other competitors in the golden ticket lottery. He chose box 12, which contained 70,000 PoE. Getting low offers throughout the game, he went to the end, got offered a swap, and took it. Unfortunately, he had just given up the chance of 70,000 PoE for a whopping 400 PoE; however, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Pyralis went away with 400 PoE in his pocket.

Week 3 (April 21)


Onenc was the lucky pirate out of five that got through in week 3, having won his ticket in the week 3 automated drinking tournament. He picked box 16, and had offers that increased from 70,000 PoE to half a million, unseen before. He rejected it for a toss-up between a tan bandana and a familiar. Almost certain he had won the familiar, he was gutted to have won the booby prize. Now, he recalls fondly how these were the greatest moments of his Y!PP life to date, and has stored the infamous tan bandana 'trophy' in a wardrobe

Onenc won the game's first ever tan bandana.

Week 4 (April 29)



Gruin, one of our quieter pirates, stepped up onto the stage with his week 4 treasure drop ticket, beating three others. He chose box 20, which contained 200,000 PoE. He had offers which steadily increased from 100,000 PoE to three quarters of a million, because his last five boxes were all red, and his unchosen box was the familiar. Despite being offered a swap, he declined it - the third time in a row where declining was the wrong thing to do, and the second consecutive week where not swapping resulted in losing the familiar.

Gruin went away with 200,000 PoE.

Week 5 (May 6)


Yukinon beat two other pirates to the hotseat, using her third golden ticket awarded to her - she was the only pirate to have won three tickets (one being a refund from the first week). She picked a sleeping pet box, and played right through to the end. Despite a creative offer of 123,456 PoE, and the possibility of walking away with just 400 PoE, she carried on, was refused the swap, and won a turtle, which she promptly named Tadakichi-san.

Yukinon was awarded a sleeping turtle.

Week 6 (May 13)



Pjc was the lucky winner out of 5 tickets, winning his ticket through the Nobooty's Clearance game that week. He chose box number 6, swiftly progressed through the game, and ended up with a dream scenario for the final three boxes. Left with a throne, rare artifact and a familiar, he eliminated the rare artifact, got an offer of 800,000 PoE - the highest offer in the history of the Cobalt ocean to date, declined, didn't earn a swap, but walked away with a parrot - so far, only one of three familiars won. He named it Kwakkers. Pjc is now also a regular to the Booty or No Booty contests.

Pjc won the game and was awarded a black/pink parrot.

Week 7 (May 20)


Digighost was the lucky winner out of 5 golden tickets, having won his via the Booty Banner contest (his banner is still used to this day.) He picked box 17, which unbeknownst to him, contained a full outfit. Due to his own personal time constraints, he dealt at 135,532 PoE, which was an impressive offer at the time.

Digighost dealt at 135,532 PoE.



Nitronline took over from Digighost, and rather shockingly obliterated the game, taking out the familiar and the 500,000 PoE box in his first two picks. Getting an offer of 110,000 PoE, even with the damage to the board, he carried on, and decided to run at the first sight of profit (or more accurately, not losing).

Nitronline dealt at 140,000 PoE, earning 4,468 PoE.


Protagonist, dressed in rags at the time, had a relatively short spell on the stage. Having had a good round, he was offered 210,000 PoE by Cyndiepet, a 50% profit. Seeing the benefit in running while he was ahead, he gladly took the PoE and let someone else have a crack at the game.

Protagonist dealt at 210,000 PoE, earning 70,000.



With 210,000 PoE at stake, and the full outfit being her primary (and arguably only) goal, Cyndiepet braved it to the final boxes, as none of the offers would have netted her a profit. Denied a swap, she could have won an all-yellow stiletto, but instead won her outfit, consisting of a crown, corset, gown, and fancy boots.

Cyndiepet bought a gold/maroon outfit for 210,000 PoE.

Week 8 (May 26)


Luigi was the first ever person to hand in two tickets during the same week; he won the week 5 and week 6 Sage swordfighting tournaments. He got the first two picks and managed to find his way into the hotseat. After a modest offer of 125,000 PoE (which was second highest after a fake bid of 500,000 PoE), he then took out the familiar. He was then offered for real half a million pieces of eight to leave. Without a second thought, he bailed, overjoyed with his quick profit. No other contestant has ever walked away with such a high offer.

Luigi dealt at 500,000 PoE.



With half a million sunk into a board that only had a top prize of exactly that, this game was arguably doomed from the start - critical spectators were already commenting about her poor choice. But Shahrzaad was here for fun, and was picking quite well. Unfortunately, from round 4 onwards, she picked off a big red each round, resulting in the loss of the 500k with just one pick left. The offer plummeted to 7,000, and she continued, even though it was a toss up between a tan bandana and a short hemp stack. Disallowed a swap, she walked away with lucky box number 7 - a tan bandana.

Shahrzaad bought a tan bandana for 500,000 PoE.

Week 9 (June 4)


When it comes to logic puzzles and cryptic clues for golden tickets, Kargach will kick the booty of any person trying to challenge that. It was only a matter of time, therefore, before he would become a contestant. His first offer was very poor, so he continued. However, his game quickly started to go downhill, eliminating many of the top prizes. With his immense game lag also being a factor, he decided that enough was enough at 56,000 PoE, the highest offer so far that week.

Kargach dealt at 56,000 PoE.



Angellin's part of the game was fairly promising, having taken out the last blue, the tan bandana, with just one oick left. However, her final elimination was the sleeping pet; despite this, she had fairly promising offers to match. At the end, left with a throne and 70,000 PoE, she was offered a swap, took it, and ended up with the cash. While it was the wrong thing to do, she still made a fair profit, and had immense fun taking part.

Angellin won 70,000 PoE, a profit of 14,000 PoE.

Week 10 (June 10)


Phour's ticket was the lucky one out of 10 to make it through in week 10. Having won hers through the second of the Oblivious run of events, this game would determine the size of her reward for being good to a greenie. Her first round was promising, garnering a 75k offer, and the spectator prize was even donated to her. She carried on, but in the second round, took out the familiar, sleeping pet, and the 200,000 PoE. With rock bottom offers, she bravely carried on with her box 15 until the very end, left with half a million and a tan bandana. Turning down 88,000 PoE, and denied the chance of a swap, she was ecstatic do discover half of a million pieces of eight in her box, making her the second biggest winner to date. Not bad for being benevolent and kind!

Phour won 500,000 PoE.

Week 11 (June 17)



Olddragon's ticket out of the 7 for his drinking skills won him through to the main event. He picked box 11, which contained 100 PoE. He picked rather well, getting him to an offer of 267,000 PoE in round 2, which he happily walked away with.

Olddragon dealt at 267,000 PoE.


As he had over a quarter of a million PoE invested into the board, Outcast wanted to play this carefully. The tension was building up, and every second was full of suspense, until a 30-minute reboot whistle went off. Thanks to Demeter, the reboot was delayed, but the atmosphere lost. Unfortunately, in the round, he wiped out both the familiar and 200,000 PoE, making the 500,000 and the full outfit the only two big prizes left. Convinced the offers would plummet, he got a shock offer of 290,000 PoE, which nobody can blame him for taking.

Outcast dealt at 290,000 PoE, a profit of 23,000 PoE.



Before she had even stepped onto the stage, the audience was rife with critics and backseat contestants all proclaiming disaster. Despite this, she picked 6 boxes very well, and had two offers of 300,001 PoE and 300,002 PoE from Timmeh. However, she was here to play the game, and rejected the offers; alas the final box saw the demise of the 500k, leaving her with either 100 PoE or a skull. Turning down a paltry 26,001 PoE, she opened her box, having been denied a swap, to earn back just 100 PoE, making her one of the game's biggest losers.

Beu went away with 100 PoE, a loss of 289,900 PoE.

Week 12 (June 25)


After recieving a refund the previous Sage edition, Kerix cashed in 2 Golden Tickets and defeated 5 other people to make his way onstage. After turning down offers from 105,000 to 150,000 PoE, including eliminating everything from the Full Outfit to 500,000 PoE, he finally knocked out the Familiar in round 5, making the offer plunge to 35,000 PoE. He also knocked out the top prize that was left, which was the Throne in the final round. Left with 2,500 PoE and a Fancy Wardrobe, Kerix accepted the offer from Fifteycent

Kerix dealt at 30,000 PoE.



Fifteycent made his way onstage in the Switcheroo round, after having his 30,000 PoE offer accepted. Refused a swap, he opened the Fancy Wardrobe box

Fifteycent bought a Fancy Wardrobe for 30,000 PoE.

Week 13 (July 1st)


Dunny was the lucky contestant this week, beating 5 other pirates to the seat, including Blinkkidmutt, the contestant in week 1. Picking box 16, his first round went really well, resulting in a 101,000 PoE offer. He declined offer 2 as well, despite another ludicrously good round and an offer of 182,000 PoE. In round 3, his board got even stronger, and was offered a huge 236,000 PoE bid. He decided that this was enough and gladly took the money

Dunny won 236,000 PoE.



Klank invested 236,000 PoE into this extremely good board - the stakes were high from the go. Despite eliminating the artifact, his fourth offer was 256,000 PoE, which he declined. At the end of round 5, he was left with:
  • A short hemp stack
  • A rum barrel
  • A throne
  • 500,000 PoE
  • The familiar

For this, he was given the astronomical offer of 408,000 PoE by Edward. Probably to Edward's relief, it was declined, only to be followed by the elimination of the two top prizes; as if things couldn't get any worse, the rum barrel went. Not allowed a swap, he eventually won a throne.

Klank bought a throne for 236,000 PoE.