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Booty or No Booty (often abbreviated BoNB) was a weekly event run by Piplicus on a different ocean each week. Taking the format of the popular television program "Deal or No Deal?", BoNB gave players the opportunity to win a prize ranging from a slatted crate to a familiar. The game was tested by Piplicus on the Ice Ocean and several refinements were made including the addition of golden tickets and the grand prize of a familiar before the event was launched on production oceans.

The event was noted for the group atmosphere that was often present as audience participation and suggestion to the contestant was invited at particular times. Also, the use of Golden Tickets means that the game was not strictly limited to very wealthy pirates.

Please note: Booty or No Booty is not currently running, and is on indefinite hiatus. Golden tickets will not be given out to award in events.
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No longer running.
An all-ocean event.
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The Rules


See the rules page for a more detailed explanation.

The prizes of Season 2. See Season 1's prizes here.

The game centers around 22 numbered boxes, each of which correspond to one of the prizes shown on the right. However, the contents of each box are not revealed until the contestant chooses to open them one at a time. The aim of the game is to secure the most valuable prize possible; whether it is a prize in a box or a value of PoE offered by another player. BoNB is a test of methodical guessing, bluffing, deduction and of course, luck.

To take part, please go to Nobooty's Estate on the corresponding island to the ocean:

Please do not attempt to enter until an hour or two before the event. Entering the house does not entitle you to pick a box. If you wish to try and win the familiar, you must win a golden ticket, or bring large amounts of money with you. If you have neither of those, then you are not eligible to enter the main competition. However, you are more than welcome to compete for some other spectator prizes, which are often brilliant in their own right.

Please be considerate of the other participants and watchers; manners are mandatory. The following people are not welcomed, and will be planked if they are caught:

  • Spammers
  • Repeated shouters
  • Dockpressers
  • Swearers
  • Hasslers
  • People who randomly attempt to hearty people
  • People using the house as a market-place for selling their own items
  • People trying to otherwise disrupt the flow of the game
  • Fake bidders

Golden Ticket Lottery

The game board. Notice that the 22 boxes are all numbered, but don't indicate what's in them.

Having a game is all good and fine; however, without contestants, there wouldn't be much of a game! So how are they chosen?

Booty or No Booty gives opportunities out to talented pirates. These pirates prove their talent by winning contests - be it swordfighting, writing, lateral thinking (BoNB encourages all talents). In return, they get a one-time redeemable golden ticket.

Every week, all pirates who wish to take a gamble will hand in a golden ticket. This entitles each pirate to a lottery box. Most of them contain something cruel and ironic, such as a bid ticket, or even a black bandana. However, one will entitle that player to receive a refund ticket, to try again another time, and the other will let the player sit in the hot seat (this is a metaphorical term for a contestant in any game).

Initial Stages

Once in the hot seat, the contestant will choose one box out of the 22 numbered ones, the contents of which are only revealed along the way.

Now, try this for simplicity - the pirate will win what's inside their numbered box. But that would make a boring contest, so let's spice it up a bit.

The Eliminations

Once the contestant chooses his or her box, he or she then starts to open and eliminate other boxes. Remember, nobody knows what is in each box. Once a box is opened, the contents of it are announced, and the prize removed entirely from the game.

So, what is the purpose of the eliminations? They tell the contestant(and the audience) what ISN'T in their box, so they have a smaller and smaller range of prizes that could be in their box.

Eliminate the slatted crate, and a few other shoddy prizes, and it looks like you have a good chance of winning something shiny! Take out the familiar, though, and the trap door will open, and the earth will devour you like a kraken.

But if the contestant wins their box, what's the point of this elimination process?


Four times throughout the game, the audience have a chance to take the place of the player, and bid for ownership of the present, and ownership of the hot seat. This is not a free lunch; the audience must bid copious (or not so copious) amounts of PoE to tempt the contestant out. There is a specific bidding routine, please read about it in the more detailed rules section. At the end of it all, an offer is made by proxy (the host). The contestant then has a free choice:

Booty, or No Booty?

Should the contestant say No Booty!, the bid is returned to the bidder, and play continues as normal. If the contestant says Booty!, then the contestant receives the PoE bid, and the successful bidder now has control over the box. The original player leaves the hot seat, with the PoE the bidder paid them for his or her box. The new contestant continues in their place. A contestant may stay in for as long (or as short) as they desire.

The surPRIZEs

As you might have guessed, these are surprise prizes. At several points during the game, Nobooty will ask a question. The person to answer correctly (it may not be the first person, so listen carefully!) will get a chance to win a mystery prize.

Mystery prizes vary greatly in quality or price. There may or may not be hints as to what each mystery box contains.

In the past, the following prizes have all been given out:

  • Black harpsichord
  • Tabby/black cat (not purchasable)
  • Maroon crate of herbs (not purchasable)
  • White/gold feather hat
  • An exclusive portrait with Nobooty himself

And of course, there's always the booby prizes:

  • Numerous sticks,
  • Bandanas,
  • Fish skeletons,
  • Foils,

And the most humiliating prize of them all:

  • Pink wig


Whoever has control of the box after the fourth and final offer plays the "Switcheroo" round.

At this point in time, there are only two boxes left. The switcheroo gives the players a chance to swap their box for the other remaining one should they so desire.

Golden Tickets

Golden Tickets are represented in-game in the form of a gold colored ribbon trinket. Golden tickets in general, however, cannot be bought.

The Prizes

Series 2 Series 1
Slatted crate Tan bandana
5 PoE 5 PoE
Paint brush Fish skeleton
Fish skeleton 100 PoE
400 PoE Short hemp stack
'Primary' foil 400 PoE
Trinket case Rum barrel furniture
Crate of madder Yellow/Yellow stiletto
7,500 PoE 2,500 PoE
Fancy wardrobe Fancy wardrobe
Cat or dog 7,500 PoE
25,000 PoE Skull furniture
Weapon Flower trinket
Shell or coral trinket Weapon
Treasure chest 70,000 PoE
Throne Throne
200,000 PoE Full outfit
Sleeping animal 200,000 PoE
Rare artifact Sleeping animal
500,000 PoE Rare artifact
Full outfit 500,000 PoE
Familiar Familiar

Game history

Please see the game archives for a comprehensive list of all previous games and records.

As of the 16th December 2006, 33 games have been played.

Tickets Held

All golden tickets that are currently still owed to winners of tickets will be distributed in due course by Apollo.

Historical Notes

  • On Ice, the game was called Y!PP Deal or No Deal, after the TV show with the same name. It was then changed to its current title upon a suggestion from Synful.
  • Nobooty only knew the contents of each box during the Ice test, and weeks 1, 2, 5, 14 and 20.
  • Week 6 saw the introduction of spectator surprise prizes. Normally 4 out of 5 of them are awarded during each show, with a small contest for each one of them.
  • Week 7 saw the first instance of giving a golden ticket away on the day of the event.
  • Nobooty knew the contents of box 18 during week 13, due to a packing error - it was incorrectly labelled as another box 15.
  • Week 13's throne was won by Klank. He has since left the game, and given his throne to Dolgan, who ironically won a throne in week 1.
  • Nobooty knew the contents of boxes 13 and 15 during week 35 (at the end of the game), since [the player] trashed 2 of the cards, and he needed to confirm that they were the 2 prizes in the boxes.

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