Fight for Fun

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Fight for Fun at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Babybelinda
Senior Officer(s) Egil, Godofal, Goldschmidt, Huhla, Darkdane, Sparrowjak
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Barely Dressed
Founded 3 June, 2010
Last updated on 6 January, 2013
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Fight for Fun is a crew on the Meridian Ocean. Its members can use the crew pirate hall on Kirin Island. Fight for Fun flies under the flag Barely Dressed.


Origins of Fight of Fun can be seen in group of friends around Babybelinda, senior officer of crew Holy Dragoons, and her alt Luckylinda, senior officer of League of Landlova's. Inactivity of captains of both crews lead to the idea of creating of own crew with rules allowing better cooperation among crew members. She found new crew on 3 June 2010 after about month of preparations and discussions with Huhla from League of Landlova's and Shydude from Holy Dragoons, which became its senior officers.

First portrait of Fight for Fun

The crew got fine pirate hall at Kirin Island on 17 June 2010. It is primary place for introducing new senior officers like Godofal on 29 June and Goldschmidt on 4 August. 4 August was also a day, when was created the first official portrait of the crew.

Fight for Fun sails long time flagless, but on 19 August 2010 joined the flag Outlaw Forces thanks to diplomacy of Goldschmidt. He and Babybelinda became royals of the flag. Flag organized on 21 August successful blockade of Spectre Island.

On 12 October crew assigned rank of senior officer to Egil for his continual work like doing pillies, attracting new people and be nice on newbies and making them happy.

Babybelinda governed Spectre Island from 18 October 2010 (governancy in Outlaw Forces is mobile, so in November it was moved to Katil from Kanuni s Grandchild). The crew have put up a new picture that was created on the previous day as the prize was won in the September Familiar Competitions. It shows 5 crew members and 2 Ocean Masters, Cronus and Apollo.

Crew articles

Although fun and relaxation are the key words, some basic rules should be followed for the benefit of all:

  • 1) No lazing! Lazers will be planked and/or given a -1 when booty is divided. And worse – lazers won't be included when inviting to Cis or other more exciting stuff.
  • 2) Listen to the ship's captain – even when he/she makes mistakes – they're always right!!
  • 3) Work your fingers to the bones! The total performance on board a ship affects the ranking of the ship and also the size of the booty the ship is fighting for.
  • 4) In battles, teaming is alpha and omega. Keep an eye on teaming at all times (and pirates who don't know how to team should ask any officer on board)
  • 5) Be friendly. Pirates who have issues with other players should take them to /tell – cause the rest of the pirates on the ship don't want to know. Only if the matter is of a nature that jeopardizes the pillage or the crew's reputation, should it be brought to the attention of the officer in charge.

Stealing, begging and cheating are not accepted - when discovered, the crew would be happy to slap perpetrators around.

Crew members will have access to some of the crew's ships. Instructions for use will be found under the officer bulletin - always check this before taking out an unlocked ship.

Promotion Requirements

All are welcome to join. How well pirates do later - regarding rank etc., will be a result of their own attitude and efforts.

As to ranks, here are the general rules:

  • Cabin Person – always welcome
  • Pirate – needs at least narrow experience in gunning
  • Officer – needs to have 3 broads (sail/rig, bilge and carp) and need to be tested on bnav by a senior officer or captain
  • Fleet officer – will have to prove good skills at leading pillages and managing the ship's crew. This position will be granted by senior officer(s) or captain
  • Senior officer – will be granted people that show "crew affection" and dedication to keeping crew active and collected. Position to be granted by senior officer(s) or captain
  • Captain – they only have one and are not going to get her off duty