Officer bulletin board

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How to access the Officer bulletin board

The officer bulletin board is found at the navigation wheel on a ship. Anyone who is in the same crew as the ship owner can read it. Additionally, if the ship is unlocked, those who have officer privileges on the ship can edit it. The ship owner will always be able to read the officer bulletin board, but will not be able to edit it unless he or she has officer privileges.

The default statement is No news is good news, however many pirates use the Officer bulletin board to denote the ship's owner and its purpose, levels of commodities they want the ship restocked to after it is used, and limitations of what the ship is available for use for. In some crews, it shows which pirates are allowed to use it. A pirate should check this board prior to taking any ship that is not his or hers out to sea.

When editing the bulletin board, the following HTML tags may be used:

  • <b>
  • <i>
  • <u>
  • <hr>
  • <font size=>
  • <font face=>
  • <font color=>

Pirates may type as much as they wish in the edit window but only the first 3,072 characters will be saved and displayed on the board. These characters include spaces and other key strokes in the edit window not those displayed on the board.

See also

  • News is the equivalent of the bulletin board for rooms in houses, shoppes and stalls. Crews and flags can also post news.

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